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December 16, 2003



The "donks" have started running an "anti-Dean" advertisement. It has OBL's picture in the background, and the voice over is blasting Dean about not having any foreign policy experience, etc. I was wondering when they would start bashing each other. I guess the gloves are coming off.


"Dean will crater..." I agree, but that means one of two things: either one of the Other Eight will rise to take his place or a Dark Horse (mare?) will enter and get the nomination as a compromise at the donkination.

Joe Lieberman is laboring mightily to drag the Donks, kicking and screaming, back to the Center, the only part of the spectrum where they have any chance of beating GWB from. He will die trying.

His epitaph should read: "The last Honorable Democrat".


"The Last Honorable Democrat" for sure. Lieberman would get my vote, if not for all the Dem baggage he'd have to drag back to the White House.


Rivrdog. I just heard the usually-wrong Dick Morris on Hannity tonight. He predicts Dean will pimp the Hildebeest for the VP slot for two reasons.

1. To hold the Clintonites hostage and stop their attacks on his race.

2. To salvage and repair his self-inflicted wounds in the race.

Tina, I hope they don't just take the gloves off, I hope they utterly destory one another. Indigo, I'd not vote for any democommie. Joe might be okay, but he'd simply have to kowtow to the left, in appointments and nominations. Too costly. Period. Full Stop. End.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Jim: No real comment. I'm just happy to see someone spell "kowtow" correctly. :-)

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