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December 28, 2003



And you claimed an inablilty to write?

Well written and I concur with your thoughts.

Ms Anna

You done good, Jim.

Now, please write about being a curteous driver to the big rigs, the 18-wheelers that can't stop on a dime? Signals that help them change lanes, a flat tire signal, staying far enough behind to see the tractor's mirrors, etc. Please.


I ounce punched the gas to get around a car and out of the way of faster driver who was on my rear bumper. Unfortunately the tailgating SOB was a state trooper who pulled me over and gave me my only ticket in 25 years of driving.


Found you via baldilocks.

She was right, you do write well!


Thank you so much! I've been wondering why that phenomenon occurs. And, now, I know the scientific reason. I'll be able to sleep now.

And, I find great enjoyment in passing people who sped past me at 80-90mph just a few minutes ago. Many an evil cackle is heard in my car.


Well Anna, I'll give some thought to the 18 wheeler issue. I've got both pro and cons to say about 'em should I write on the topic.

Much thanks to you all for your kind words. I may say it well, but I STILL don't know a participle from a pronoun. LOL

And StMack? You'd have won against that at trial. Hope you contested the ticket. If not, DO SO should something similar ever happen in the future. As a former cop, all I can say is dickwads like that one give bad names to the rest.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

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