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October 10, 2005



It was merely flukish that you hit 43 consecutive pings on the plates! heh Good shooting!


Doesn't your "tee shirt" link point to the OLD NoR shirt? I just got mine out of the drawer and it seems to be the same as the image.

I thought we were, ahem, supposed to stop referring to, ahem, etc.

Just checking.



Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! How nice that everyone can meet up and enjoy such a perfect day!


Ah, a cigar smoking blogger... always a good thing. Head over to http://www.cigarweekly.com if you ever have the itching. And http://forums.cigarweekly.com/ is where the real fun happens. Tons of great guys and the best cigar board on the net.


Excellent shooting...could not have done
better myself. *heh...heh* D&DS


Next time at the range, Cap'n, take some of Mr. Completely's targets and enter his postal of the month. After a first in August, I came in second in September's. Must have been new-range jitters.


Hmmm...No new post for a wee while. Everything ok honey?


I was thinking the same thing, Misty. We miss you, Jim!




strange huh Misty ? Either Jim working very hard on new JOb , OR he has someone new in his life distracting him from his blogging, or he just has flat out disapeared ... ( my guess is on the second one )...it is very strange ...Miss reading his blogs


Strange indeed Tammy... I tried emailing him but no reply to that either :-/
Anybody know where he's got to?


Jim, it looks like all of your girls are wondering where you've got off too. Check in, okay?


yep Misty , I emailed a few times few weeks back , and called once , it is strange , and yep MorningGlory ......he left all us girls wondering abut him : (

Hope he is ok


Jim, this is NOT funny. We're worried.



David Muellenhoff

Hmm. Now, I know Jim was at the Nation of Riflemen shoot the weekend of October 27th, 'cause he presented The Gun Guy with the rifle and plaque a bunch of us pitched in on. (Great job, Jim -- plaque and rifle looked fantastic in The Gun Guy's post the following Monday!)

I'd guess taking a couple days off to zip over to Texas might have put a dent in anybody's good graces with a new boss, so hopefully Jim's just working his ass off to make up for it.


David Muellenhoff

Just realized some folks might not be aware of the Nation of Riflemen shoot and the presentation rifle and plaque Jim orchestrated for The Gun Guy. It was a secret, after all. So here's the writeup:


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