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December 19, 2003



You write just fine. Do you ever read Possumblog? He posted a related piece on writing in his blog that you might enjoy.

Denita TwoDragons

Hey, I love your writing just fine so far, hon!

I put it like this--does the baker whose bread is mouthwateringly sumptuous to taste know all that much about chemistry, or thermodynamics? Because he uses a tremendous amount of each when he turns that heap of ground grain, water, yeast and the like into something delicious. But I can almost guarantee that the baker doesn't think about these things in the least, he just has a "knack" for when the dough is at its best, and how his particular oven works, etc. Does the All-Star MVP pitcher know much about physics and wind velocity? Most likely not; he just knows how to "throw the ball right". Does the black-belt martial artist give any real consideration to the property of alpha waves in his brain, or the incredible biology of his tissues at they are transformed from meat to weapon? No, he just strikes like the air, and does what he needs to do.

It's the same way with most of the best writers. They just know where to drop the right word, how to make a sentence sit right among its brothers. I'm the same way--I found sentence diagramming hell in school. Why the hell did I need to go to all that trouble, when I knew how to get my word across instinctively? Why did I need to spend all this time conjugating verbs when I could just put them in the right order without thinking about it...?

Trying to concentrate on all the dynamics of writing is like throwing logs in a swift-moving stream--it just slows the stream down and causes a logjam of overcomplicated thoughts.




Having read several entries, I have to disagree with you. You write just fine. This is my first visit, and you can rest assured, I'll be back.

Best wishes.

Ms Anna

I think voracious readers just soak up writing skills while they read. You are doing fine. Just write as you want to. Don't worry about it. Most of us, as readers, would probably place ourselves in the same boat, if we were blogging.

Daniel Day

I don't know why you say you can't write. Some idiot teacher, impatient with your problems remembering the names of parts of speech, must have filled your head up with that nonsense. You can communicate perfectly well in writing. I agree with Ms. Anna about soaking up writing skills while you read. It worked for me. I was very bored in English classes (the grammar parts, anyway), but teachers often complimented my writing ability.
If you ever study another language, the concept of "parts of speech" is very useful; otherwise... why bother with it?


Yeah, whatever Jim.

I appreciate your humility. Now keep it to yourself! I get like that. Then Rob says what I now say to you, "Shut up and write!"

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