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December 05, 2003


Ms Anna

The point here should be were did he learn his inappropiate behavior? Probably at home, I think.

The "Emotionally Disturbed" students I saw were just bouncing-off-the-walls because of their home situation. It's hard to learn the "social skills" needed to survive in a school environment from a dysfunctional home. Each of my students had at least one alcoholic parent in the home. Yes, the students weren't from broken, single-parent homes, they had to live with an alcoholic parent and the enabler parent. My students learned by the end of the year that I, an adult, thought they were of value as an individual. They left with a better self-esteem, even though I was suppose to "tutor" them in their academic subjects, I wasn't suppose to be a therapist, I was a "teacher."

But, in this boy's case, he still probably learned his behavior from his home environment.

Ms Anna

Between hearing Fox News reporting on M&M wanting to see the President dead, see the Drudge Report, then this article, I am bouncing-off-the-walls this morning! Better go take my meds, quick.

Jim, you just "kept" my juices running with this first article you blogged on.

Besides, I can't help myself. There is a sexy looking man in the upper right corner picture on your blog!

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