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December 03, 2003


Ms Anna

As my father was dieing of prostate cancer, my brother had a long talk with him. He told my brother that he was satisfied with his life. He had done most of the things he'd ever wanted to, and the few he hadn't gotten to, didn't matter, now. He was at peace with emminent death.

At that time, I wasn't able to ask my brother what he had said. We were hugging each other and crying. I'd like to know which wishes he said he had accomplished, but deep inside I know.

He raised and supported his family at a much higher standard-of-living than he had when growing up in a two-room house on a rural Missouri Ozark 40-acre farm, where he said they grew "rocks."

He was the youngest of four children and the first in his family to graduate from High School. I, his oldest child, was the first to go to college, and even got my Master's degree. He was very proud of that accomplishment, I think that was on his dream/wish list.

He sired a son, accidently, after three daughters. And he enjoyed the father-son things that men do. Restoring a '57 Chevy, cheering his son on the football field. Going to every Little League baseball game through High School football game that he could to watch his son, then grandsons play, and even a grandson's UGA Baseball team games. The grandson was a pitcher on the team. He would drive 8+ hours one-way to get to those grandson's football and baseball games.

He gave my mother a rifle one Christmas, then went to Montana to hunt elk the next fall. She bought a brand new top-of-the-line Singer sewing machine for herself while he was gone. And he was happy she had finally bought something for herself, even if it was a sewing machine!

Do I want to know what he didn't accomplish on his dream/wish list? I wish I could answer that question.

Thank you, Jim, for the memories. And, congratulations on living your dream/wish list while young, facing the daily challenges we all face in life.


That was inspiring. Good on you for living the dream most people only wish for. Not just guys either!


Anything you own will amount to some degree of responsibility and maintenance. I think it's fascinating that you live on a boat. I love the Gulf of Mexico and it's refreshing to read blogs that report from the Gulf. :)


I have a deal of admiration for anyone who follows their own sunset.

Commander Will

This post has greatly inspired me and made so depressed at the same time.

Not that I want to live on a boat, mind you, (I worked as a deck hand for two years in California).

I just think about other things I've let slip by because I was too busy.

Great post.

doc Russia

Excellent post!
Reminds me of a line in Ulysses (sp?) about
"ploughing brave furrows across the sea"


Too damn many.


Spot on - and I'm right there with you, brother.

I've argued that line many, many times. I'm fortunate in that my lady, who loves her house, supports my wanderlust and my urges to do crazy things. :-)




First off, congrats on getting your own "place" here. Looks nice. Been reading enough of you at Gut Rumbles to know this'll be an interesting read, to say the least...

Secondly, I can totally understand your point. My father's cousin, lived next door, worked his ass off at GE for 30 something years. Took "early" retirement at 62.

Died of a massive heart attack months later.

Not me. There's a reason I bought my Harley at 32 instead of waiting until the kids were grown...


Excellent post. I'm glad I came here, even if I did have to visit the blog of an asshat (This Means You, Kim DuTwat) to do it. Did you grow up in San Antonio?


Thanks to one and all for your kind words, here.

I've been blown-away not only from the huge flood of hits resulting from Kim's mention, but by the very kind things said to me here.

I am truly grateful.

Except for you, zenjohn. As much as I appreciate your readership, Mr. DuToit rates very highly in my book. I've enjoyed some correspondence and a phone call or two before I ever even thought of starting my own blog. He's been a true gentleman in every sense of the word. That is a trait you failed to display on your very first post on my blog.

If that's truly your opinion of him, you can tell him directly at " [email protected] ".

But not here on my dime.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


I sent this link to my husband...I think I can hear him crying 'that was supposed to be MY LIFE!' from four towns away...


Like I said, that sounds sooo nice. I've gone to the boat shows in Dallas the last 3 years and it feels like heaven to be in one. And that's NOT in the water. I admire you for following your dream and desire.


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