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January 08, 2004



Thank you, sir, for your generosity in posting all of my little ditty. It has been an adventure out here. For those who haven't kept up on the news here (outside of my struggles at this moorage), this storm has had a record effect. One example: 3 entire days of commercial, private and most military air transport have been lost at a huge cost to commerce (I did hear the characteristic sound of F-15's flying on all three days, though, so you can add our our Boys in Blue to your Brass Balls List). FedEx actually couldn't deliver any packages in a major city for the first time in their 30 year history. Interstate highway travel has been closed for 3 days, and just reopened. Rail commerce was suspended. Sadly, at least 3 other boat moorages have had major structural failures, including two where folks live aboard their boats. Their damage has been far more severe than here, with dozens of boats lost. The total disaster effect of this storm is just now being tallied.

Tonight and tomorrow are the last damage control days, then we begin reconstruction here. We spec'd out a jury-rig water system suitable for drinking water today, and we will put it in Saturday. We discussed a temporary conversion of the destroyed covered moorage to a salvaged-dock open moorage as the most expedient way to restore our function.

Tomorrow, we move the little rescued fleet of 5 boats to a new moorage upstream, where the owner has waived all the usual rental details for us. Interestingly, we could have done this today, but while we could have navigated the river, we couldn't have done the road driving to support the move. Shades of century before last, when there were no roads in this region and all commerce went by boat or pack animal.

A final editorial note: I wished the calendar forward subconsciously. The above update was really Thursday evenings.



I would like to echo Jim's admiration for Rivrdog and his crew. And we'll continue praying for them.

Denita TwoDragons

Posted the latest, and I'll update the post and add your latest comment, 'Dog. G-d bless you and your crew--you guys truly do personify courage. You ever find yourself in Texas, you'll be guaranteed lots of fine food and good drink! :-)



It works. Prayer, that is.

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