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January 25, 2004



"Once upon a time, I used to be a good shooter. Twenty some-odd years and a weaker set of eyes later, I'm not as I was. Not by a wide margin."

Sigh. Me, too. Shotgun.


Very good, SW. If your eyes and lack of practice let you down, depending on a repeating shotgun isn't a bad idea. The pump shotgun is very intimidating, very effective, and can be fired at a rate that will provide defense in any situation. It is cheap to purchase and accessorize, and the ammo to practice with is cheap also. There is VERY heavy-duty ammo available (HE, IN and AP rounds). If you had to have only one weapon, it would best be a pump shotgun.


SwampWoman, don't let Jim fool you. He is still one hell of a shooter.

Ms Anna


We women all know that Jim is a modest Southern Gentleman.

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