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January 06, 2004


Ms Anna

Thanks for keeping us updated, Jim.


Yes, thanks for the update and we'll continue praying for Rivrdog. And I've worked outside in those kind of conditions and Rivrdog is having a rough time of it.


Evening update: I've got a few minutes until my next watch here. I'm in the fight of my life trying to save this place. Roof-walking in a blizzard saved the small shed, but when we finished, the two of us up on top decided we couldn't continue since we both fell several times and almost went into the 40 degree water. We unassed the roof without clearing the big shed roof, which looked ok at the time. After my dinner break, we took two refugee boats aboard the moorage that had to flee theirs which was in worse shape. In that moorage, a roof-walker fell off the roof and the captain of the boat that came to me rescued him.

Then the freezing rain started.

Now were losing the fight, because there's no way to get the ice off the roof without Capt. Jim's deicing fluid which I'm not prepared to acquire or apply. We've moved boats out from under sagging roofs, but success or failure is up to God now. Another half inch of ice will finish the boatsheds off. I moved M/V Whitewater out of my slip, which is under water now, to a big yacht slip between two towering flybridge yachts.

Whitewater is a low-slung express cruiser, and I can get out even if the roof comes down on the boats on either side of me.

The weather is best discribed as the storm of the century. In the Gorge, the wind is gusting over minimum hurricane force, with the temperature at 11 degrees and snow, sleet and freezing rain falling. The interstate is closed, and even the railroad shut down. All trains will have to be led by plows and switch-clearing gangs.

The only boats moving were the refugee boats, one skippered by an old war buddy of mine who personifies "unflappable".

Hell, I might be a refugee skipper myself soon...

Survived to this point, I have. Keep praying. A temperature rise of 10 degrees is on the top of my wish list now.


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