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January 04, 2004


Ms Anna

I'll pray for his safety. Sounds very dangerous.

Denita TwoDragons

I'll definitely include him in my prayers! With a Dad who has been a towboat captain for more than ten years, I know all too well that feeling of helplessness. If I don't add him to my list I wouldn't be able to live with myself... Good luck and G-dspeed, Rivrdog!

Please keep us updated on any news that comes in, Jim--I'll be here in central Texas, on the edge of my seat...



How awful!! Got them on my list too.


Shipmates we are! Facing adversity, it's great to know that men and women of stout hearts are behind you.

We're in the calm before the storm now, it is cold and cloudy here in Scappoose, but at my home near Troutdale the wind is blowing a half-gale already, the chill factor is zero and the Gorge-effect winds have just started there.

So far, the only damage is we lost water to one boathouse row.

I can feel the power of your prayers, and it will stand me in good stead tomorrow and onward. Your prayers may already be having an effect, as NOAA now says there is a possibility that the storm will change track and strike us only a "glancing blow" with several inches of snow and freezing rain instead of the foot or so that was first forecast, and "only" 55 knot winds in the Gorge.

Thanks again for your prayers, and I'll keep you posted on events here on this comment page.

Aboard M/V Whitewater

Ms Anna

Rivrdog, we are praying for you.


Added to the ever-growing list

Denita TwoDragons

I am praying as well--and I also posted about it on my site, Rivrdog, so there'll be even more folks pulling for you. I hope you don't mind that I did...

As I said at the Fire, G-dspeed and good luck, my friend!



Tell me more about "fragile ecosystems." Mother Nature tries to kill us all, every chance she gets. I wish the dog-man luck and I hope he has the wits to survive against the most treacherous bitch you'll ever meet in life. Mother Nature don't play fair, because she doesn't care.

You have to be on your toes to beat her.



Our prayers are with you.


To everyone who has posted, you have my heartfelt thanks. I'm sure Rivrdog feels the same, but methinks he's a bit busy right about now.

I'm looking forward to his reappearing here shortly and giving us the full report, and most importantly, letting us all know that he's okay.

Again, thanks y'all. Big time.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Wichi Dude

To Rivrdog: My wishes are with you. I've lived a long time on the coast and I know what you are up against. More power to you, and luck as well, Mother Nature and Neptune are not merciful.


To all the great folks who are praying and pulling for me: an update. The storm just started, with a biting cold wind and light snow. We'll be doing a lot of water system rebuilding here, but that's for later. NOAA now says it will snow for 24 hours, and they're hedging on the change to freezing rain and rain. Still nothing definite on the total snow, but it looks like 8 inches to a foot is coming. If we have to clear the roofs, the trick will be to leave enough to allow the ice crust to form, then we will have one shot at getting that ice off. Then we have to depend on Ma Nature to end the freezing rain and change the weather to plain rain. That's the battle plan anyway.

I can't thank you all enough for your prayers and good wishes. I can feel it way out here, and it gives me great strength.

Acidman, thanks for the warning, but Ma Nature and I respect each other.

More later if time permits.



(I followed Misha's link to get here. I'll be back.)

Good luck, Rivrdog. We're praying that the storm passes quickly, and with less force than thought.

May Mother Nature, and Nature's God hold you in the palms of their hands. Fair winds and following seas, sir.

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