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January 15, 2004



You would think his assortment of image specialists and advisors would have suggested he sit down, shut up, and adopt the parade wave as his primary method of communication . . .


Al Gore is too beholden to the oil and coal industry to ever cut them out of his life. Look into his, and his father's, involvement with Occidental Petroleum. Every time Al opens his mouth to mention Bush's "connections to Big Oil", a lump of coal should be bounced of Al's head. It might cause him to recall his OWN connections to Big Oil.

Curious, if Al had been left out in those sub-zero temperatures and froze how long would it take for anyone to notice? A day? A week? Never?

It is due to posts such as this that I try to stop by the sloop on a regular basis. Many thanks sir, many thanks!

Raging Dave

Jimminy Jebus Christ on a pogo stick! That was damn masterful!


Good'un, Cap'n Jim!

Arrr, says I to Ye! Keelhaul the lubber!


Dave, that compliment alone is masterful beyond compare. LOL

Thanks, bro!

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

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