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February 20, 2004



funny.......I remember SOMEONE telling me they would gimme one/some/allot of those sparticular cigars when they came in..........And here I sit, slumming on Pierre Ferrand Cognac and a sweet Nic/Dom blend long filler, double Maduro.


Marcus, I'll trade you a Knuckles for one of your CAO's, tomorrow. I'll be over on your end of town, bro.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Raging Dave

Damn damn damn damn damn..... I need to move somewhere that doesn't tax the shit out of cigars.


The Knuckles are what you said they are. I thought my palate wouldn't pick up on the mint.Wrong.Just a hint, but throughout the smoke.

Although the smoke itself was light, it wasn't empty at all. Certainly full bodied and smooth. I don't know if you noticed, but the cigar lasted exactly the same length of time as my drink of Maker's Mark.

A great cigar with superb timing.


Mmm-boy, that's a good post and made me reach for an Opus X. I'll have to mention these to my tobbaconist. Tell you what, Jim, when my buddy comes back from London, I'll trade you a Sigilo VI or a Partagas Lusitania for a Knuckles, OK?

And BTW, that steakhouse - is it Sullivan's or DelFusco's?

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