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February 04, 2004



Damn, I was afraid that was going to happen. When you're floating a lime-green buick to Florida, though, it's kinda noticeable.


Maybe next time something more subtle, like a blue Winnebago.


Coasties need to learn some respect for vintage DeeTroyt Iron. It's Un-American to shoot at a '59 Buick (on the water: they were legitimate targets in US cities).

Interesting to note that they got to within 10 miles of Marathon Key. THAT'S what pissed off the USCG. They got by the air surveilance, the heliostat radar and several layers of patrol craft to make it that close.

The Coast Guard needs to make their coast watch more effective. If a bunch of Cubans can get to within 10 miles in a '59 Buick, just think how many French could invade in '66 Amphicars.


Yeah, a more subtle craft to be crafted next time. If they're not executed upon return to the dictator's hell.

The '51 Chevy truck and the '59 Buick ought not to have been sunk. To me, those are museum pieces representing just how precioius and valuable our freedoms are.

Frankly, I'd love to find the Coastie officer with balls enough to "fail to acquire" the radar contact, if ya gets my drift?

Those people deserved to make it. Period. Full stop. I'm ashamed for what we've done to them, now.

And George? Not to worry. Even if the frogs did cross the pond in their Amphibicars, the only hazard they present is attacking the USCG cutter en masse, armed only with white flags of surrender.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Well, when you have news stories giving the progress of the green Buick, it would be a little hard for the Coast Guard to ignore. If the newsies would have waited until the Buick had grounded, it would have made the job of anyone that wanted to ignore their progress a lot easier.

Val Prieto

They interviewed the inventors brother here on local radio. Apparently the guy started tooling around with cars when he was eight years old and is considered a master mechanic without ever having studied the trade with anyone.

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