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February 06, 2004



Thank you so much for this stirring and lovely tribute to a President who truly saw America as trhe shining city on the hill. And he made everyone (almost everyone, Lefties are spirtually blind after all) see her that way too. Even the Russians.

I will never forget a PBS documentary on Ronald Reagan where a (ex?) KGB agent related covering a major summit meeting. To paraphase his satement "The car pulled up. President Reagan walked out of the building. It was very cold, but he was not wearing a coat. He had on a blue suit, a smile ,and an outstretched hand. I knew it was all over." Priceless.

This past week seemed to be one filled with insanity. Thank you for reminding us ot the birthday of this good man.


Reagan had two things that I don't know if we'll ever see in a President again. (And I'm not talking about balls, although he had those, too.) He had core beliefs and they were correct. He stuck to his guns and changed the world forever.

Can you imagine Bill Clinton as Ronald Reagan?

Jon, Imperial Hunter

Very nice, Jim, and true.

LC Steve

Damn, Jim. Took me a couple of minutes to wipe the tears out of my eyes after reading that. You covered it, better than any mere mortal could have. Yes, Ronnie, we love you and miss you!

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