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February 08, 2004



Vizzard needs to be in the unemployment line wondering "WTF happened?" like Grey Davis.

Way to go, Gal: definately a Texican Lady - nuthin' honorary about it, Jim. ;]


Didn't want to hit her furnitture. You go girl!

A Lefty Lemming acquaintance of mine confided recently that she had undergone the background check, taken the class and performed the required time at a rgun range to qualify for a concealed carry. Which is soon, if not already, to be legal in Missouri. My response was "Good. Glad to see you are taking care of business." Mine was the only response of this kind. The rest of the Lemmings in her pack were all jittery over the idea of a big bad gun any where near them. Sigh.

After the nonsense in Illinois, ( many thanks Jim for the GOOD news update on that farce!), I have decided a shotgun is the route for home protecttion. Point. Click. Go.


Easily your best post, Jim, world class. If DuToit gives you any shit about putting Glocks in the same class as Colt or Smith, tell him I'll see him at the range, Glock 23 (.40SW) vs his 1911. No, that's not right. Tell him NOT to bring his 1911, I'll bring lots of ammo and before I leave the range, I'll have him converted from a 1911 guy to Pistolero comma, Shorty Forty type comma, one each.

My defense weapons are always ready, to hand and loaded. They will never be put in a safe. If my house gets burglarized and the guns taken (while I'm away), I'll live with that history. If some dweeb tries to tell me later that my loaded guns are now arming a criminal and that it's MY fault for whatever he does with the guns, I'll kick his ass, in court, if he sues and afterward at 4th and Main, regardless of the court results.

I am armed primarily with my attitude, THEN my guns.

Dana Matthies

A woman holding fast to her right to bear arms AND gladly bearing them. *GRIN* It takes a lot of courage to pull a weapon and fire it at someone WHEN THE SITUATION WARRANTS IT. I have to give her tons of credit! Frankly, our society hears too much anti-gun crap...this story, I feel, served its purpose.

I lived in Littleton, Colorado until just recently. I was personally affected by the Columbine Shooting. (I attended Chatfield High School - Columbine's rival and knew some of the students still attending Columbine). I saw the impact of the shootings on the community...I saw fear rob people of logic.

The community immediately became anti-gun and raised fists at those who defended their 2nd Ammendment Rights. Just for kicks, I watched Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine," and I was disturbed.

I was disturbed because people are idiots. You combine idiots and guns...and shit happens.
Not only did I have ties to Columbine, my 16-year-old cousin was playing with a gun and killed herself. Regardless, I never questioned the gun...but the user. Despite my losses, I STILL OWN A GUN. I ALWAYS WILL.


Great composition Son: It really hits a home run.
Perhaps some "anti-geeks" just might read and get
an education that awakens their "sleeping" intellect. Oh well, one can dream? Right?


Hi Son: I just have to relay what "ONE WHO MUST BE OBEYED" just said to me. Quote:"I need only
4 rounds to get at least two into him. If I miss
the furniture, it is because he is not behind it."


I like the "and that's just our womenfolk" quote the best and of course the fact that she didn't want to destroy the furniture!

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