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March 28, 2004



Welcome back to the online world, Jim! Those are some mighty strong and accurate observations. I'm glad to hear you're on the right track, and I look forward to your return to regular posting.


Some 35 years ago, when I first went to SEA to participate in that fucked-up war (yes, I actually do have a license to swear!), one of my first tax-free acquisitions was the purchase of a Zenith TransOceanic R-7000 shortwave radio. The best general-purpose portable receiver available at the time. Listening to AFRTS (military radio) was boring and similar to the controlled news of today, so I listened mostly to BBC World Service, which at that point, still objectively reported the news. Concisely. In plain English. The West Germans had good news and so did the Dutch.

I now have the same receiving power in my little Sangean receiver, but there's little to listen to to get the straight story.

I shudder to think that an entire generation has grown up without objective news reporting now. You're right Jim, there is only the blogosphere left in the objectivity world now, and I'm proud to have as one of my major life missions, in the time God leaves to me, making the straight story readable and informative.

If I were a starry-eyed optimist, I would say that maybe the world will learn to look up to the blogosphere as the best source of information, but I doubt it.

What is more likely is that the world's thugs and dictators will ally on this subject, and somehow subvert the 'Net. Enjoy blogging while you can. Kofi Annan is known to be interested in UN control of the Internet. See a recent post on this subject at Four Right-Wing Whackos


Ciao, Rivrdog


Love the way your mind works!!!


You're a doll. Glad you're back.


Your insight is why I stop by and drop an innane comment or two :

The blogosphere is where I, now, get my NEWS.These opinions mean more to me than the networks do.You don't tell me what I want to hear, you tell me what you see and hear.
baldilocks,I'm sorry that I haven't dropped you a line in over a month.

To HELL with suburbia!!

Reffer to #1)


There are bigger Elephants than us.Eat some CBS (if you don't mind the heartburn).

Glad your'e back,



Good to have you back, Jim. You've been missed.


Hello, glad to be acquainted. I enjoy your blogs.


Now get off your dead ass and make up for lost time. I've missed you.

dragonfly jenny

Freedom from mortgage or apartment burden is a MAJOR freedom and a major component of my quality-of-life too.

Good post BTW.

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