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March 07, 2004


Light & Dark


You're still breathing, therefore it's not too late to have learned those lessons.

My terminally ill father, at 74 is just learning some of these, and even for him, it doesn't seem too late.

Thanks for reminding the rest of us that they're here for us to learn too.

In addition to telling us, you have told her, right? Yea... I thought so.

Just keep going, Jim. You'll get where ya want to be.



I am in awe.

You have the heart of a saint.

You have the soul of a poet.

You have a pen for the ages.

Via Con Dios, amigo!

A Recovering Liberal

*rising from the chair and applauding*
Bravo! Bravo!


I'm a redheaded stepchild (really).I don't like my stepmother at all.She has kept my father from dying for 12 years.I feel guilty for my feelings about her and am shamed by your post.

Denita TwoDragons

Extraodinary post, Jim.

This is a piece of writing that should have ANY child thinking about their relationship with their parents--be they blood-related or otherwise. I'm going to call my Mom up this morning and tell her I love her. Thanks.


Emperor Misha I

Wonderful, Jim.

Remember this before you beat yourself up too much: It's better to learn your lesson late than to never learn it at all.

Too many people never learn it, you have.

That puts you miles above average.


I would be proud to have a tribute like that from my children.


Wonderful post, Jim.


..you never appreciate the small, everyday things in a person... until it is too late.. I closed my Father's eyes when he died... my Cousins and I dug his grave by hand later that day... as payment in sweat for all of the work he'd done to ensure we all knew he loved us... regardless of our arrogance, ignorance, and pride... it is indeed good that you have recognized a fine person while they are still here.. instead of waiting too late...


Outstanding post.

Congratulations on realizing the importance of people in your life before it truly was too late.

'nuff said...


Jim, I had a good cry while reading this post. I am a stepmother. I love my stepsons. We have not always seen eye to eye, though. I hope that someday they will realize that I am crazy for their Dad and love them, too. Pass the Kleenex again!


Well said, Jim, and softly spoken. Moving words, indeed.

dragonfly jenny

You're breathing, right? ...

Not too late to learn! You've learned just in time.


Bravo! An absolutely wonderful post.


A very good post. It makes me realize that I should go visit my parents (loved ones) more than I do. Thanks!


Hi Jim:
There is no single word to describe the feelings

That occured around here. I can only say, it was

received with GREAT joy around this old house.

I/we are EXCEEDINGLY proud to call you our own.



Thank you, everyone.

Fifteen comments, any of which are priceless.

What life! To have friends such as you.

Worth more than gold.

The sixteenth post.

My Dad, and Dodie. THANK YOU!

Proud to love you, both.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Jim, you might call step-mom's love unconditional. It's the best kind and the hardest for some of us to learn. My dear departed taught me about it. I'm still trying to learn how to do it. Don't lose any opportunity to tell your loved ones you love them. None of us knows for sure when they'll go.

Da Goddess

Great post. What a great lady!

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