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April 12, 2004


A Recovering Liberal

Gosh, Jim, I'm not sure that I understand how you feel. Could you clarify that for me? ;^)


Hey Jim,see if you can get Ronney to come with you the next time you come to the farm.I have 52 acres and a backhoe.

Val Prieto

Excellent fisking Jim. Rooney is definitely a loony.


All I can add is the WWI reporter, Floyd Gibbons, who lost an eye at Belleau Wood while reporting with the Marines.

Great fisking.


Jim, you took that boiled cabbage and made puréed cole slaw of him. He's a tool and my son in the army is getting that fisking ASAP.

"Three hundred thousand nameless dead in hundreds of mass graves says it was!!!"

If we can justify (I know I can) the current battles in Iraq to this kind of internal slaughter the Clinton admin would have serious explaining to do with their lack of action in Africa where millions died.


As for the similarity of the various fiskings, that article self-fisked itself. How many different ways are there to tell a senile, old idiot that he's a traitorous, senile, old idiot? Especially working from the same article.
Member VRWC

El Jefe

Time to take the old boy out behind the barn and put him down. Shoulda been done 25 years ago.

Hell, one "floor mishap" at the 60 Minutes offices would've done more good for this country than anything else I can imagine.


Jim, an OUTSTANDING fisking!


Jon, Imperial Hunter

That's some Good Hunting™ Brother!

Damned creative language too. I admire your ire!

Guy S.

Sheesh, you know....you shouldn't hold your feelings in like that! Not good for the digestion *grin*.

Excellent post...and as far as this ol vet is concerned Rooney and all his brethren can rot in Hell (the sooner the better).


On the bright side, the bastard is so old he doesn't have many moons left.

I look forward to blogging about it. It will be the ONLY time I mention his name on my site.


Howdy Jim,

I also blogged it on my site but I was much to soft.

F**k that POS.

Good Job!!!


George Turner

Wow! That was good! You know, if you cut Andy up for shark bait he'd actually be useful.

Denita TwoDragons

Somehow you managed to both raise my blood pressure to the boiling point AND make me laugh so hard I think I sprained something. This quote--

Somehow, I think you'd have an altered stride to your waddle, with all those medals and return tickets shoved up your ass so deep, you'd be pukin' 'em out like a slot machine mated to a paper shredder.

--needs to have some sort of Drink Alert put before it or you're going to find yourself responsible for a small nation's worth of malfunctioning keyboards!

DAYUM, man--I'm glad yer on OUR side!



I'm glad you got that out of your system. It wouldn't be good to keep all that bottled up!
Great fisking!


Great, Jim! Nathan, of Brain Fertilizer, did pretty good too. He answered Andy's five, ending with:
#5. We don't do it for the glory and thanks, no. We do it for the well-being of the nation, the safety of our loved ones, and the Brotherhood of War. But we do accept thanks from anyone who can do it without a sneer. We don't need any of your false gratitude.

Daniel Day

You were worried that you couldn't write? You sound just fine to me. Congratulations on an excellent asshole-ripping, Jim.


This is why I start my day with java and your blog Jim.

People, don't get mad...GET EVEN.

How many of you know of a support the troops organization like Marine Moms or the VFW phone card program? Well , NOW WOULD BE A DAMN GOOD TIME TO HELP OUT!

I received an email from a woman who helps send care packages to the troops. I was getting info on the next packing party. She said that donations were wanning. That her group may have nothing to send the guys after the next packing party. NOTHIONG T SEND.

Barely a year and we are forgetting them already?

Is that how we treat our heroes?


I bow in awe before the force of your swearage. Magnificent job Jim, simply magnificent!


I just gave this the Liberal Litmus test:

I sent it to my aunt, who's emphatically anti-war and anti-Bush, a self-avowed Socialist. She called Rooney a C##k-sucker. Did I mention that my aunt doesn't cuss?


That's a mighty wide new anal orifice you tore into that old idiot. I can smell it from here. Impressive.


Well done, Jim. I always liked the idea of putting trash like Rooney in the stocks, so the town drunks could have their way with them all night long. Tarring and feathering is good, though.

Alaska Kim

I agree with Denita! That was great, "an altered stride to your waddle."
I was enjoying a pepsi when I read that and it ended up out my nose and mouth and onto the desk!
Great job!

Bill THompson

Rooney is a brain-dead smoker. What did you expect!

Army Wife


Diggin it and forwarding everyone I know, military & civilian.

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