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May 07, 2004


mostly cajun

D*mn, that's good!

Ya oughtta, like, write stuff for a living!




Now *I* want to go throw lead... and I have to wait a week!

eric in jersey

A-men jim.......A-men

Kim du Toit

Just did that, myself. Only I did it over THREE DAYS (and fired a hell of a lot more than 200 rounds).

I also fired a Barrett .50 BMG, a .45-70 Govt rifle, and several assorted .3xx Magnum rifles, causing many explosions.

And I did it all in the company of my Son&Heir, who out-shot me (again, sigh).

Neener, neener....

Daniel Day

Hmm, time to take my 22 into the back patch and terrorize those tin cans again...

Raging Dave

Let it never be said that I can let a challenge, even if only imagined, pass by....

Kim - Mollbot, AK and myself were able to fire a MARS unit. Many rounds in a short amount of time. So neener-neener!


Umm not on topic, but kinda yes.

You can make lead into gold. Lead lining nuclear reactors over time turns to gold. The shame of it is is that it is soo radioactive as to make it worthless to anyone for many thousands of years.

That is all.

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