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May 10, 2004


doc Russia

Well, I think that I am in the same boat.
I also think that the last comments were on the preceding post before he banned those ISP's.
Maybe he accidentally banned everyone.
If so, eventually he is going to figure out that it is kind of odd for people to be so quiet, and then hopefully figure it out.


I don't think anyone is banned at Acidman's other than true trolls. Acidman IS having trouble with his comments, though. They seem to take, but don't visualize. Nor do I think KdT took umbrage. We are the Gunmen. We stick together.


The Range is Mowed.I have more S&W's If your looking for a place to shoot.Give me a call.That wimp South African can't take the sun so I don't expect to see him again untill after it gets cold.


I can take the sun. I haven't shot at anything 400 yards away in a while, but I'll bet muscle memory doesn't fail me. I usually hit what I aim at. (That's with a rifle... not necessarily with my blog)


Doc, you hit it right: the A-man DID screw up his ISP-banning, and banned EVERYONE, including himself! Admitted as much on his blog this am, says he has fixed it.


I wish I could hunt the elusive South Texas Bowling Pin... but I'll have to content myself with the wily and... um... not-so-rare Abominable Pumpkin of the Pacific Northwest.


I prefer watermelons over pumpkins, although I have shot both.

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