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May 11, 2004



Fine rant. I think we all have to up the rhetoric now to make our voices louder, because we are having a hard time being heard over the din of the moonbats.

We also need to be mindful of the day when the moonbat raving spills over into the streets in the same kind of violence we see in Gaza today. On that day, the moonbats will learn that words are fine, but bombs and bullets aren't really their bag.

The moonbats will find that street warfare is the province of those who have actually prepared for it all their lives.

See you at the range!

doc Russia

I came to a similar conclusion.

Walter Wallis

When you are right, you are right. It is somewhat comforting to know what side everyone is on. Kerry, wipe the blood off your knife.


I sat here and wondered tonight how the hell I was going to cope with seeing that video, hearing that story.

I exploded on my blog. I lost it. I had to regurgitate the filth and bile the media and the screaming left has tried to shove down my throat this whole time.

I then felt sick to my stomach.

Then I started cruising the 'sphere. I don't know if this is going to come out right but I find comfort in knowing that others are just as obscenely angry as I am.

I don't really know what else to say at this point...thanks for venting on your site as well. It's these types of posts that are going to help me deal with what I saw.


Have we forgotten Richard Perl? Have we forgotten?



hearing those screams..feels like i'm about to be sick right now..


Of course THE LEFT has forgotten Perl.
And Bali.
And Nairobi.
And Madrid.
And Nigeria.
And Indonesia.
And the Cole.
And some minor incident in NYC.

N. O'Brain

Well said, sir, well said.

Nick Berg is from West Chester, a few miles down the road from me.

I'll have to find out if they are having a service.


Serenity - Do you mean Daniel Pearl?

Evil Midnight Poster what Posts at Midnight

Well spoken rant. This is the first time I've been on your blog (followed a link from the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler).

Myself, I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the video yet, but you sir, are 100% correct in everything you said. This young mans body lays right on the door step of the traitorous left who celebrate with every American life lost. The blood of this body covers their hands, and I hope EVERY American would read what you have written here.

Jon, Imperial Hunter

You are telling it like it is, Jim. Many of us have known this all along but the focus and renewed anger this young man's hideous death bringsa to the "culture war" in this country is long overdue. Here's my take on it, crossposted from AIR:

Kill them all.

But I repeat myself. I'm sure I will have cause to do so again.

Long time readers may recall a post of mine some time back when I was fairly new to these comments. It detailed my reactions to having viewed the video of the beheading of a young Russian soldier in Chechnya, in the same manner and for the same purposes as this latest example of demonic savagery. I recounted it in chilling detail to the horror, disgust and outrage of the readers here. I do not need to see this latest atrocity to know my enemy. Neither am I surprised.

I said then and I say now: I would gladly kill everyone in that room. I would lose not a moment's peace or sleep over having done so. I would feel as a man does who has killed a rabid dog to protect his family and livestock.

The appeasenik cowards are but a hand's breadth from receiving the same cold scorn and violence of action from me. In many ways they are worse than the muslim scum, who at least have the excuse of being raised to barbarity by a savage and cruel culture. Our home grown traitors have no excuse for their treachery, ignorance and cowardice.

Kill them all. There, and here.

To that I can only add that I mean every word of that last paragraph. There are traitors in our midst who need "to be brought to justice" as the current euphemism goes.


Hen - I think you mean "IXLNXS - Do you mean Daniel Pearl?"

Serenity would not have made that mistake.

Glen, I.L.

Sir, I echo your every sentiment to an absolute and resounding tee. Thank God for Americans like you. I am glad I am not alone.

Greg Botello

That little voice inside your head is right. Our nation is under attack. In any conflict, weather it be for control of the West Bank or your remote control sides implement some sort of strategy. Our enemies’ strategy is this: An attack on all fronts, The foundation of our culture is being attacked, the Church is being attacked, our families are being attacked, the fundamental institution of marriage is under attack, our morality is under attack, the rights of the unborn, who’s very survival depends upon a “Supreme” court’s ruling are under attack, our economy is under attack, and now our very wills are under attack. Wave after wave will come and with each wave shall we drown in its evil or shall we stand and face our true enemies? It is time for American’s to on longer be silent. It is time for American’s to let our enemies know that we know who they are, foreign or domestic.

Yes, domestic. Our enemies that reside in our nation’s capital are above all is the most treacherous, a large number of members in the United States Congress have aligned themselves, some willing and some by shear ignorance, with those who would have us fail in our endeavors. The betrayal of this nation by these members of Congress is no less than TREASON.

And now what? What do we do? We act.


My God, that essay was absofuckinlootely brilliant!

Makes my own,yesterday, seem so illiterate in comparison


This is war, people. What do you expect the enemy to do? Sit around a conference table and make chit-chat. What they did was incomprehensible to me. We cannot sit around and wait for them to talk to us. Bush made the right decision in removing that asshat from presidency. Now we need to back him up and support what needs to be done in Iraq. This is no time for diplomacy. This is a time for action.


How many times, did americans like you murdered inocent people in Irak?
You are shocked with your own stupidity!



I see that the right-wingnuts are alive anw well, for now anyway.
I wonder when we will be able to watch the beheading of your hero, bush??
The rligious and wacko christian jihad you idiots bring on will be the end of christianity for a long time....the violence you portray is no diferent than it was during the Crusades.
Nice thing about that is....I have alot of targets.
RIP...your fucking god will abandon you.

Yours truly,
An armed and patient liberal

Slick Rick

You know you're a real man when you threaten the lives of other Americans on the Internet... but it's TOTALLY INSPIRED because HE'S A PATRIOT, so it's awesome when he threatens Americans, but not when the dreaded "Islamofacist" does it, right?

Take two seconds to think about the fact that the same stupid, murderous bullshit coming from our enemies in this war is being spewed about anybody who belives in Allah and avoids pork by you and your readers. Seriously. A = B, B = C, thus A = C, right? Remember that? Talking about boiling any given Muslim in pork fat because five freakbag jihadi beheaded some guy makes no sense. That's even leaving aside the fact that you're spewing these pathetic threats about Americans who dare to have a different opinion than you do. What the fuck do you think a democracy is? See, I'm SUPPOSED to disagree with you. Then we knock some shit around, come to some kind of agreement, and one of us buys the first round. Instead you'll pulling this lame "Taxi Driver" bullshit.

You've become what you claim to hate: a murderous anti-democratic zealot. Good work. I'm sure Thomas Jefferson would be proud.


Regarding the politically motivated outrage professed by members of the elite media and partisans in congress, it seems a bit strange, wouldn't you say, that prison abuse (e.g. sodomy, beatings, murder and torture) within our own prison system is widely accepted and even condoned? (They're prisoners, they deserve it...right?) It's seems to be a running societal joke within our country that prisoners are raped by other inmates. Nobody cares about that, do they? Nobody, it would seem, except George Bush... who in 2003 I believe signed into law a prison-rape abolition act. (I'm not positive about this).

I hear all the so called moral outrage about these pictures which are given to us without context, without explanation...only condemnation, and I want to puke. Without going to far as to condone the actions of those few jailers, I wish to express to you my concern for how spineless our country seems to devolving into. I would like to say to all the chickenshit baby boomers out there, you inherited this country, the freedoms it affords you, and you have done nothing to keep us safe. Go back to your entitled lives, country blaming, Bush bashing, wringing of hands, and Paladi classes, and leave the fighting to those of us with the courage and will to do so. Gen X and Gen Y. WE are the generation of the future, not you. It is we who are overseas defending your right to complain. It is we who will bravely face down those who would destroy our way of life. WE are the generation, thank God, who are willing to stand up and say "No More". WE understand that war is indeed hell, and you cannot make a cake without breaking some eggs. As long as those "eggs" are terrorists, enemy combatants or sympathizers, so be it. WE WILL turn this country back to it's course of greatness, world opinion be damned. To those of you who want to go back to Sept the 10th, who are unwilling, unable, or to stupid to see the paradigm shift that stares you in the face every day, you owe the generations that follow you, a generation of your betters, an apology.

Greg B

These labels - Left wing, Right wing - I once said, "I'm so Right that I'm Left. If you understand that then you're on the right track. I'm Anti-War, but Pro-Protectionist. Meaning: I don't go out looking for trouble, but if you put my family in danger, you’ll meet the business end of my 9mm -

There is no honor in slaughter, but to protect your country, your family, your way of life that is honorable.

The one thing that always strikes me about Leftist is their "ANGER" They really are lost, they have no real meaningful love for the things that matter in life. If you love trees, then plant them. Don’t try to stop me from cutting one down to build a home.

I don't hate Liberals - I pity you. When you cross the line from Liberal to Traitor then I fear you.

That which I fear I eradicate.


Slick Ric, I think we could actually sit down, have a drink together and argue the hell out of our respective ideas.

We'd probably not agree on much, but unlike your friends Dick and RMH, you have the decency, even through your anger, to try to make a cogent point.

Sadly, all they brought to the table was DNC talking points #283 and #119. Or approximations thereof.

Let me make this clear though. You can disagree with President Bush all you want. That's your right. You can campaign against him with all of your might. That's your right.

But when the cadres of the Left reduce themselves to being merely effective mouthpieces for Al Jazeira, I begin to worry.

When they actively campaign to bring down the Secretary of Defense, merely to score political points, (see Kerry petition thereto), I place myself on alert.

When they celebrate the death of Mr. Berg, simply because it "scores points" against this administration, I'm not only disgusted, but alarmed at the Left's lack of fealty to the United States as a Nation, a people and a philosophy.

You mentioned Jefforson. He'd be spinning in his grave if he could see the depths to which the DNC has taken his party.

It alarms me when the Left would subjugate the United States to the cesspool that is the U.N.

We are, and must remain, sovereign over our own affairs.

As far as my being a "threat" to you lefties? No, you all can rest easy. I'm of no threat to you at arms at all.

Unless, and until you join with our enemies.

When I see the jihadis waging war, and planning to wage even more war against the United States, I consider them enemies.

Should the left cross that line and ally with them, I will not make a distinction between them.

Protest all you want, hate Bush all you want.

But don't join with the enemy, or you shall become him.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


I don't think dick or rmh were off the point. the original post states that liberals would eventually be targets.
I don't approve of these neocons or bush at all. bush isn't intelligent enough to wipe his own ass and his religious rants are totally opposite of the separation of church and state.
I hope that bush is the match that has started the implosion of the republican party for a long time to come.

Raging Dave

I don't approve of these neocons or bush at all. bush isn't intelligent enough to wipe his own ass and his religious rants are totally opposite of the separation of church and state.

What a load of crap. Neo-cons? Just what the hell is a neo-con, anyway? Does anyone actually know what a neocon is? No, it's just another insult that booger-eating morons on the left toss about because they have nothing else in their intellectually bankrupt ideology. Bush isn't smart enough to wipe his ass? Sure, being govenor of Texas and then president is a job for morons, right? Amazing how every time someone on the left derides Bush as dumb he manages to hand them their ass. Every. Damn. Time.

And as for the separation of church and state, are you referring to the state founded by religious men? Are you refering to the state that has on one of it's most important documents the phrase "all men are created equal, AND ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR..." Would you be referring to the state that has "In God We Trust" emblazoned on every last piece of currency? Yep, you would. Maybe if you weren't just a brain-dead moronic shitsack you would understand just "freedom of religion" actually means. But then you would actually have to THINK for once, instead of just drinking the kool-aid that people hand you.


A reponse to Raging Dave's question - what is a neocon anyway?

neocon or neoconservative. a conservative who subscribes to neoconservativism

an approach to politics or theology that represents a return to a traditional point of view (in contrast to more liberal or radical schools of thought of the 1960s)

from princeton.edu

for a laugh about Abu Grhaib checkout:


are you a grownup?


"When they actively campaign to bring down the Secretary of Defense, merely to score political points, (see Kerry petition thereto), I place myself on alert."

We don't want him to resign for political reasons...he has failed he duties to this country and therefore, he should resign his post so a more capable person can take his place. This guy didn't screw an intern...his bungling is part to blame for thousands of deaths.

"That which I fear I eradicate."

Now THAT is scary...

"booger-eating morons"

What a mature, intelligent thing to call someone. I'm sure your parents are proud.


I'd just like to say...Permalink is insane. Comparing liberals to terrorists? Blaming us for the death of Nick Berg? It's not our outrage at Rumsfield and the abuse of the prisoners that caused Nick Berg to die. It was the fact we had our soldier in their country that they committed that terrible atrocity. Bush's war is the sole cause for Berg's death...no doubt.


I have spent my entier adult life as an American soldier. I would like to believe that my service, in peace or in combat, has been honorable and just.
I don't need to have my sacrifice justified or qualified by noncombattant assholes like you. I say non-combattant because, had you spent some time on a hot afternoon in the jungles of Southeast Asia (another war, I grant you, but not too different) sorting the body parts of young men and women and children after and artillery or airstrike, had you spent some minute portion of your sactimonious and worthless life smelling the real fragrance of death that overlays the battlefield, you would have kept your stupid and fucking peace.
But since you have not had the dignity to shut the hell up about things of which you obviously know little or nothing, I feel abliged to tell you... that if a soldier has not his honor, and that includes the meticulous treatment of prisoners as dictated by our own Law of Land Warfare, he has nothing... He has made of himself no more than a criminal, a mafioso, a thug in uniform.
My nearly fifty years of service in the profession of arms compels me to tell you to shut the fuck up.

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