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May 17, 2004



Being a gun owner in Montana...I voted to extend the ban. Too many wacko right-wingnuts out there.


Being a non-gun owner in Texas I voted to lift the ban. Too many left wingnuts out there in bed with even wackier Islamofacists.


Islamofascists, like republicans, are right wingnuts....nothing the left would have anything to do with.
The poll shows overwhelming support of extending the ban...sorry, you lose.


Funny though... the poll specifically states that: "The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole."

We'll see who loses in the end, I suppose. Here's hoping it's you, Mr. gun-owner-who-wishes-not-to-be-one.

And you are completely wrong... the Left has shown quite clearly that they'll sleep with just about anyone if it means they might have a slightly better chance to defeat the Right.

Unless you want to start calling the Left Right, and the Right Left, but that would just be silly and obstructive to clear communication, now wouldn't it?


Even though the author of the article asks the followers, Sheep I say, of this site to vote often even then, you can't stack the deck.
The gun issue is a moot point. Anyone with even a second grade education in politics would know that no-one is going to take our guns away. The gun issue is something for the right-wingnuts to soapbox on because, they need to keep the sheep's mind off the destruction they cause.
My advice for you Bot,would be, to wake up and use your brain on these matters and not your emotions. When you do, things become much clearer.
I understand your apprhension to leave the flock and become a free-thinker, something that scares the crap out of any right-wingnut. It probably explains their resistance to the Constitution and all that it offers.


Let's cut to the chase, "Tanarob". Even your hero Ted ("the Swimmer") Kennedy has admitted the basis for the left's opposition to gun ownership:

The left is afraid that if they finally get enough political organization together to REALLY pervert the Constitution and make the US into a true Socialist state, that the Right will form into an armed group to overthrow the Left and restore the traditional Constitution.

The Left rightly fears this, as did the Founding Fathers fear the return of the States to England by fifth-column action. The Right would (will?) become the "Well-Organized Militia" that the writers of the Second Amendment mentioned. Conversely, it's even possible that the Right could subvert the Constitution and establish a religious state and the Left would have to restore the Constitution.

By the way, Tanarob, as I have stated before in my blog and elsewhere, the Second Amendment refers to military weapons (i.e. "assault rifles") so the right to prepare to form the Necessary Well Organized Militia includes the right to possess military weapons for that purpose.

By the way, Tanarob, I am a free-thinker. I support all sorts of causes of the left, and am a registered Democrat. I just happen to believe in the original, historical meaning of the Constitution and it's amendments. Have you noticed that the very orderly Founding Fathers made the right to form armed militias second only to Freedom of the Press? Way ahead of personal security. Ahead of the right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. Ahead even of the right against self-incrimination.


Yes..Teddy is a good liberal. Your points are noted but, the right is well armed already, you should know that being from the west. Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington are full of right-wingnut wackos.
The military arms issue is debatable. Fifty caliber machine guns and automatic weapons were not prevalent during the Revolutionary War.


Sheep huh? Why not just go the whole hog and call us "Sheeple?" I come here because I enjoy Jim's writing and agree with much of what he says. I used my mind (which despite your intimation, functions quite well) to come to the decisions I reached, after years of "following the crowd" and leaning Left because that's what everyone around me did.

Things were never so clear as when I "woke up" and realized I didn't agree with much of what the Left was spouting... and that I was FREE to take my opinions, and vote, elsewhere. The "flock" I left is the one to whose teats you cling, and whose praises you sing.

Fifty-caliber machine guns? No, they took a little longer to kill people then, with massed fire from .63 to .75-caliber muskets and fairly primitive cannon. Still just as dead when you got hit though.


The point was, Tanarob, that the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment to refer to current military weapons. Mollbot has pointed out what those weapons were. The fact that time marches on and the weapons have changed doesn't alter the intent of the Framers.

I find it curious that the Left, current threat to the Constitution, finds that it's OK to bend the intent of the Framers for all sorts of changes that they think the Constitution needs, but they refuse to bend for the change in military weapons that the Second Amendment protects.

That's nothing but situational ethics, or hypocrisy for short.


Perhaps you could talk in plain English? Who has said they are going to outlaw your .50 cal rifle and all your ammunition? I can give you a hint: whoever it was wasn't any louder than the Brady Campaign, Senator Dianne Feinstein, or any of the other LEFTIST people/organizations that make no bones about the fact that their sole aim in the "Gun control" debate is to remove all of them from the hands of the citizenry.


Whoah... the post I was responding to disappeared. You cleaning house, Jim?

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