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June 22, 2004



I saw his latest incarnation. I hadn't gotten around to harassing him. Yet. :-)

Denita TwoDragons

...Have you informed His Imperial Majesty yet...?


Denita TwoDragons

Duuuuuuuuh, yes you did, I shoulda double-checked my e-mail...

Ciffee hasn't kicked in yet. Mainly because it hasn't been brewed yet. I better fix that...


Denita TwoDragons

"Ciffee?!?" I meant COFFEE! COFFEE, DAMMIT!!

OK, that's it--no more typing until I have caffeine in my system! I promise!



Awww, shucks ;-)

Thanks, Jimbo. The bride and I will be in Central TX in mid August - while she visits her Mom, perhaps we can toss some lead downrange.

- D


Yes, yes. Good to have Donnie back.

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