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June 23, 2004



That was my favorite thing about living in Orlando... really the only thing I liked about it: the afternoon thunderstorms. I LOVE thunder and lighting... some buried remnant of the primitive caveman no doubt, agape at the battles of the Gods.


** sigh **

You really make me want to run off in a boat, rather than an RV, as planned.

Enjoy the storm . . .

A Recovering Liberal

Ah yes, Mother Nature's little reminders that we're not as powerful as we like to think we are. I love thunder and lightning, which don't often occur in SoCal.

Luckily, while I was in Port Aransas, a thunderstorm provided wonderful strobe lighting and incredible thunderclaps that sounded like rifle shots outside the hotel room. That and the discovery of Shiner Bock are my souvenirs of the trip.

BTW, lyrical writing, Jim. Damn good job.


Man! You make thunderstorms sound exciting... almost.

When I was little, our house was surrounded by trees. Lots of trees. They seemed to be lightning rods- there was never a flash, then a pause under the thunder rolled. It was all at once, shaking the windows and scaring a little girl half to death. I crawled under the bed more times than I can count. A friend in college mentioned that it was "kind of cute" the way I would cringe IN MY SLEEP when there was a flash of lightning. Evidently, I would tense up at the flash, then stay tense until the thunder. Then I would relax, and repeat the whole scene until the storm passed. Cute, my a** !

Now that I have kids, it seems to have mellowed my anxiety. They don't really bother me anymore. I haven't quite reached appreciation, but I might get there someday.


High poetry, sir.


"And I love it."

And I love it too...we've been getting hammered up here in North Carolina as well.

Ain't nuthing like a good storm.

I wish I was on a boat...right now. The best, most intense storms I've ever experienced, have been on a boat. That is, a boat with a deep keel and sheets...no gas.

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