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July 08, 2004



Fine retrospective. You left something out though, Jim. The (D)onks have been in FL for a while, vowing to sue everyone who doesn't see conducting the November election there in their particular way.

Remember that way? They recounted ad nauseam, tried to have a revote where some criminals got arrested on Election Day and disfranchised thousands of military, whose votes would not have gone their way.

Do I remember 1968? Yep, but my memory goes back a few years before that. I ran a YAF (Young Americans for Freedom) PAC at a major liberal University 1965-1966. I set the PAC up to fight the SDS and I was successful in removing their cover lies. I paid plenty for that bit of conservative leadership, but I'm here to talk about it and my antagonist isn't.

If it weren't for the lawyers, now emboldened by the choice of one of their own as Veep candy-date, I would agree with your basic premise of optimism.

I don't, just because the lawyers will try again, ONLY THIS TIME THEY WILL START SOONER, WELL BEFORE ELECTION DAY.

The (D) lawyers may well create a real Constitutional Crisis, the kind you and I prepare for frequently at the range.....

A Recovering Liberal

Great post. Thanks for the history lesson (c:

Guy S.

Yeah, I remember '68 lived in a norhtwest suburb of Chicago...*they* had long hair and atitude...*we* had Chicago's finest. And back then billy clubs were not the least bit shy of being applied to some miscrents knoggen. And you can say what you will about (senior)Daley's political machine...but *nobody* was going to mess with his town or his people. (hmmmm I would have been 13 about that time)

And so here we are 36 years later.
I agree, there is a chasum, deep and ever widening. The big difference and perhaps the saving grace (for the moment) is the folks on the other side of that chasum are working within the system (they may also be working *the* system but they feel there is a chance for success by doing that rather than out and out violence. For now.

I am waiting for what happens after November. If we win by a large amount...they will be crushed and scatter like the roaches they are. But if it is even close to the results of 2000 (regarless of who wins), then we may be in for some hard times. And god forbid if we loose. The twin towers will be just a memory of what will be coming as the terrorists and all who support same will see a liberal victory as a green light for further misadventure.

Sorry if I took up too much time on this soapbox. You hit a big red button.


Mortimer Snerd

I love this... so here you are, advocating violence against Americans for the crime of disagreeing with you "BEYOND THE POINT WHERE IT'S ACCEPTABLE," whatever the hell that means. That and refering to fellow Americans as roaches because you don't care for their politics. That's pretty classy, too. I guess it makes it easier to attack some college kid who thought that freedom of speech and association applied to them, too.

Come on. Take a bloody civics class, people. Patriots step up and do what they do at the ballot box, the local pub, and over their back fence, agreeing to disagree and trying to work it out because that's the only way that democracy works. Patriots aren't out there "preparing for a Constitutional crisis" at the local range... only deeply disturbed tweakers with a profound disregard for what it means to be an American are doing that.


This, my friend, is a GREAT post.



Excellent post. You did a much better job at conveying what I was trying to get at.


Good post. Scary but good. Scary because I am such a wuss, and reading this thing made even me want to go bust some heads. And Mr. Snerd, how is calling someone a "deeply disturbed tweaker" any different than calling someone a roach?

Guy S.

Hmmmm, " "BEYOND THE POINT WHERE IT'S ACCEPTABLE," whatever the hell that means."

And there, my fellow travlers is our whole point in one bit of commentary. They well and truely do not *get it*. I would be upset and or ranting at this point. But it is pointless...there are two different cultures growing in opposite directions. You either have some sort of moral compass or ya don't. If you do, then the first part of the above statement answers the question. If ya don't, well that would expain the last (uncapitalized) part.

Snerd, your nick fits you better than you know.


Thank you for so lucidly bring back the past and placing it ina context that sheds light to my own political education and past leanings. Like you I believed Bobby Kennedy a dangerous man. Like you I also supoorted Nixon in the playground. The end result was having a small brick hurled at my head by another student and winding up in the hospital. It's no wonder My political voice was silenced all these years.
Thank you for such an eloquent and poigniant entry.


The common denominator is Kerry.

Thre architect, source and initiator of the sheer hatred is McAuliffe, Klintonian tool.

Kerry's doing now what he did then.

Only now, the stakes are a lot higher.

And he's a bigger traitor than ever.

doc Russia

Beyond the point which is reasonable:
When subterfuge masks sabotage
that is beyond the point that is reasonable.


This is a great post. It confirms some unanswered questions that I have about why I started a blog. I am a bit younger than you but can remember watching the events of the late 60's/early 70's on television with my grandfather (WWII vet) as a young child. I share your disgust with the generation whose mantra was "bring it all down". I watched Walter Cronkite report each protest and defeat of this country. What an incredible formative experience. Thanks.


This is why I read this blog. Your special blend of facts and personal musings. Absolutely sublime.


I am not so certain we will have the violence and riots we did in the 60's again. First off, they have been peddling gun control all these years, we have been arming ourselves. They may be crazy, and they may be stupid, but come on. Do you really think they are that crazy and stupid to go up against armed Americans? I think that fact alone, as "facists" as it may sound, will stop them from turning violent. Anyone who would be on their side would have to reveal themselves as a hypocrit, or a weakling, or suicidal.

I think they want to return to 1968, I get that some of them missed it the first time round. It was noted that Moore started high school in 1969, which means that by 1973, when he graduated, the hippies were already passe, and we were moving into the disco era.

So now they accuse Bush of protecting innocent civilians of being lynched by a mob of angry Americans. Stupid angry Americans who might think that since we can't get the guy who did 9-11, we can take out his brother, sister, cousin, what have you. They are accusing Bush of not locking these bin Ladan family members of up some kind of concentration camp. And this is bad why?

History repeating itself is not always a bad thing. The first time it is a tradegy, as the boat people, and re-education camps and killing fields of South East Asia attest. But this time, it is farce. The present hippies, and old wannabes, are simply too silly to be that much of a threat.

Guy S.

I don't know about that Ben....never underestimate your opponent/enemy.


Guy S., the problem is that they do have a moral compass, and it says that we're at fault for EVERYTHING. We just don't believe 'right', you see, so we've got to be forced into the right way of thinking; all for everyone's own good, of course.

Guy S.

Mark, perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my las comment...and for that I appologise...you are right in that they have morals...and so you might think they have a compass to go with em....BUT there morals are situational (for those that even have same) and as such how can a compass work if the cardnal points either keep moving or changing or even disappearing as the situation warrents? That is why (and you are correct again) they *do* blame us for every thing....cause denial of the facts and a lack of a consistant morality can mean only one thing...it's our fault not theirs.
Look at it this way, If the road to Hell is paved with good intent (and I would argue so is the road to the distruction of this country as we know it) then the liberal mindset with all of its (alledged) good intentions is heading us to one or the other or both.


I'm an Xer, so I only lived in the aftermath of the 60's [no picnic either] but as I recall, there were several assassinations that occurred in 68, and that the riots were worldwide, not confined to the US.
I think- now that you mention it- that same generational cohort has just approached leadership age & the students are coming into their own as it were. With it, there may come some settling of older scores, a desire to make bigger 'statements', etc.

And that is what I fear. Being part of the 60's, you were perhaps less likely to notice the wreckage left behind your generational juggernaut. We've always felt like the ones who had to clean up after the party & got b*tched at for making too much noise as we did so.

One last mess? Who knows. Try not to make it too big this time, guys.

Lyndie England- Queen of the 'Anti-Idiotarians!'

You seriously think that Democratic Underground- most of whose members supported the fiscally conservative, pro-gun centrist Howard Dean in the primaries- are in any way comparable to the Weathermen- a group whose members used bombs and helped Dr Leary break out of prison? Keep smoking that crack-pipe, dude.
I do, however, actually agree with you that there may very well be violence at the Republican convention this year. The people of New York have good reason to be seriously pissed at Commander Codpiece. First their city is attacked- which could have prevented had he not been too damn lazy to read those PDBs- and yes, I know there weren't any pictures, but he could have got Karl and Dick to explain it with glove puppets. Then, when the attacks actually happen, he gives a good old demonstration of 'staying the course' by sticking around to read 'My pet goat' while America was under attack, but then, you wouldn't want a commander in chief who couldn't concentrate on the task at hand because he was too concerned about a fictitious goat, would you? Then, he wasn't willing to put enough effort into catching Bin Laden, and actually originally wanted to skip Afghanistan and go straight into Iraq to go hunting for Weapons of Mass Invisibility. And then, to top it all off, he then went and *increased* the risk of terrorism by outing Valerie Plame and by turning Iraq into a terrorist funpark. In light of all this, arranging the republican convention for New York in September can only reasonably be interpreted as pissing on the graves of the WTC dead.
I think there will be a number of people who have enough basic decency to try to prevent the shameful spectacle of turning the third anniversary of 9-11 into a campaign event, and there will be many on the right, gutted that they were born too late and in the wrong country and missed on all the fun antics of Krystallnacht and the Night of the Long Knives, who decide to beat up those of us who want a president capable of at least some minimal degree of humanity and competence. The result? The increasingly far-right republicans are shown up for the vicious, anti-american vermin that they are, leading to a Kerry Landslide that even Diebold can't stop. Hopefully- even despite the right-wing media- the republicans can be kept out of power for long enough to undo the damage of the Bush administration, and maybe even get things back to how they were before Bonzo bukkaked America, and make it into a country it's people can be proud of again.


Ohh, Lyndie, your really should brush up on the facts, not just review the democratic underground talking points. The attitude you have displayed is exactly the issue which further defines the divide. I don't intend to vote for Mr. Kerry - but that doesn't mean he is a sincere, dedicated, but horribly misguided man. One who is not the best choice to continue the War on Terror. Which we are winning . . . .



Sorry, but 2004 is not even remotely like 1968, the Vietnamese were not flying airliners into skyscrapers in NYC. If they had they would not exist today.

We were in shock after near misses with the Soviets in Cuba and Berlin, three political assassinations and ten years of racial upheaval you can't even imagine from today's perspective. I had friends killed in in Alabama and Watts long before any were killed in Nam.

The media tends to forget that the '60's anti-war movement wasn't as large or pervasive as it is now portrayed, the protest was almost entirely on college campus in large Liberal cities. You could drive 30 minutes from Berkeley and find a perfectly normal middle class town where people were not involved in the war or even cared much about it. It was even more so in fly-over country. The majority of high school grads didn't go to college in the 60's, most went to work, got married, had kids, bought a house...they were mostly apolitical or voted on pocketbook issues.

You do not want to relive 1968, trust me. I got the T-shirt.


Ohh, Lyndie, your really should brush up on the facts, not just review the democratic underground talking points.

Care to cite some examples?

The attitude you have displayed is exactly the issue which further defines the divide. I don't intend to vote for Mr. Kerry - but that doesn't mean he is a sincere, dedicated, but horribly misguided man.

Sorry, but my attitude is simply a response to the attitude and actions of the Bush Administration, their corruption, and their incompetence. Yeah, I'm angry, and yeah, I'm pretty damn sarcastic about the whole matter, but quite frankly, they've piled outrage upon outrage upon outrage, fuckup on fuckup on fuckup, and yet there are still people who'd be willing to follow George W. Bush into hell (which is pretty fortunate, because that's where he's leading us...)
Look, the fact is, the vast majority of the people who are against Bush aren't extremists in any sense. In fact, there's a case for saying that Bush has made the left LESS extreme, not more- for example I read an article about an anarchist, stop-the-city, No-logo woman who had, in the wake of Iraq and so on, moved right and joined the Dems so she could campaign for Kucinich. Similarly, plenty of others who complained all through the Clinton era about NAFTA and the corporate influence on the political process and really weren't that keen on the guy became a lot more willing to compromise and accept a less liberal candidate if it would get rid of a dangerous extremist like Bush. The contrast between how President Gore would have responded and how Bush did is so striking as to render those claims that 'There's no difference between the two parties' completely absurd. To blame the deep division in American society on those responding to the Bush Administration's actions, and not on those actions themselves is deeply disingenious.

One who is not the best choice to continue the War on Terror. Which we are winning . . . .

You're right, we are winning the war on terror- DESPITE George Bush, and that's largely because the soldiers, the top Brass at the Pentagon and the Intelligence agencies are pretty damn good at what they do. These people were strongly advising against invading Iraq- hell, even George Bush Senior was against that- and now many of them have come forth and said, look, we really need to get rid of this guy. Will we still be winning the WoT in four years time? Probably not if Bush is still in charge.....


Lyndie: "All Rhetoric, All The Time".

For all it's blathering, I've not seen it cite a single sustainable fact in the midst of it's Jabba The Moore driven diatribe.

Seeya, Lindie. Be gone from my bandwidth. Go start your own blog and post your ramblings there.

But not here on my dime. I subscribe to Mrs. DuToit's "one strike" rule. You're out.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


But can the "New Hard Hats" succeed at the institutional level?

Will the be able to consolidate by initiating--and *succeeding* at--their own "Long March through the institutions," the way the leaders of yesteryear's Pseudo-Peace movement did?

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