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July 31, 2004



Jim: I wish I had some scratch to spare for this magnificant side arm. I have a Ruger Speed-Six in .357 Magnum (identical to the Security-Six, but with fixed sights) and it is an absolute joy to shoot. I paid $200 for my "well worn" Speed-Six ten+ years ago, and it would have been a steal at twice the price.

Kevin Baker

Well, hell. I just bought a brand-spankin' new Single-Six - at a retail price of $314. Your offer is quite excellent, but my gun-money was just spent for the forseeable future. BUT, I'll put up a mention at my site. How's that?

Dennis B

Cool! Brings back memories of my Ruger Security Six. Mine looked like that when my dad bought it for me for a B-Day present when I was but a lad in my early 20's. My first hand gun. I took it into the smithy and had the trigger reworked and a vent rib added. I have a spiffy leather shoulder holster for it that I use primarily for hunting. My ex-wife has the original box and walnut grips and won't give them back to me. I have Hougue grips on her now and I love to shoot this gun. Good luck on the sale. If you want a relible revolver with plenty of power and accuracy, this is going to make you smile.

Jay G


I absolutely *HATE* to see someone selling *ANY* gun, but especially one as beautiful as that firearm...

(Yeah, I'm biased. I have that gun's {slightly} larger brother - 6" barrel - and I love it to death and would not part with it for any reason. It was the first gun I've ever purchased when I got my permit, too).

I wish that:

A) I didn't live in the People's Republic of Massachusetts so that I could buy that gun from you.


B) I was independently wealthy and could afford to send you the cash you need so you wouldn't have to sell her.

(Note that if A didn't apply, I'd buy it from you in a heartbeat, the GFW wife and finances be damned. Even if I did just blow my yearly firearm allotment on a new S&W .357...)

I hope whoever makes the winning bid allows you the right of first refusal should they ever decide to sell the firearm. Or, even better, give you an open offer to buy it back at the purchase price when you have the scratch (that's a hint, boyos...)


Hey chief, you and your dad have definately been put in my prayers, and some other good folks prayers. South Texas is prayin for ya.
I have to say that i just bought a ruger security-six identical to the one you have, but not nearly as flawless as your own. I paid $280.00 for mine but had I known about yours, I would have purchased, no doubt. The price your asking is more than reasonable. If any body wants a true workhorse hip cannon,this is it. I use .357's when im huntin, for trail defense, and 38 special, for home defense. great smooth shooter whoever buys this will NOT be dissapointed. God Bless you and your dad From the good folks down here in the Lone Star State.

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