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August 16, 2004



My condolences on your loss, sir. I didn't know the lady, but it suffices for me that you considered her the best.


Hey my friend...I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I've found myself in a similar situation before. It takes time...that's all I can say except for God Bless!

Hang is there.

Dennis Cottingham

Our condolences and prayers.


Dear Jim and Linda,
Please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of Cassie.

We will most certainly keep her family, and you bothh, in our prayers.

Val & Rob


You have my deepest sympathy. One of the sad things about growing old is watching your friends die, while you still remember them in their youth.

I've done too much of that over the past few years. I don't like funerals and I don't like seeing a friend die. I don't like losing something precious to me.

But it happens all the time.


Jim and Linda -
Friendship does not need to be in physical form for a close bond and mutual fondness to develop. Your loss is very significant, and I am very sorry that the chance for you to further that friendship was taken from you.

I offer you my deepest sympathies and prayers. I will keep her family and children in my heart and I wish comfort to all of you who share in this loss.

With greatest sorrow,

Mrs. du Toit

Jim and Linda,

I'm so sorry.

A Recovering Liberal

Here's a hug for you two: {{{Jim&Linda}}}.

Take care,

kevin whited

I'm very sorry to hear about this. :(

michelle hanna

i just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words for my family. cassie was my sister. she will be missed very much. i know she was a special friend to everyone. i know she loved all her friends that she had met on here. my email is tx_kittybelle @hotmail.com if anyone would like to know more abt anything. once again thank ya'll very much.


I hate the universe at times.

My deepest sympathies.


James Old Guy

Another sad day, may your grief be short.

Val Prieto

My condolences and deepest sympathies for your loss.

doc Russia

Sorry to hear about the loss, Jim.
My heart goes out to you.

Guy S.

Sorry to hear of your loss. May your grief be short, your memories rich and long.

Jeff Soyer

My sincere condolences. It's always sad to lose a friend no matter what their age, but by accident at 36 just seems tragic. Besides yourselves, I'll send a prayer to her children.

Jay G


My condolences to you, Linda, and Cassie's family.

Words often fail us, especially in times of tragedy. Paralyzed by the fear of saying something stupid, we remain silent.

But damn it, this sucks. I'm sorry for your loss; surely it is great.



I'm sure sorry to hear that, Jim. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Linda.

Emperor Misha I

So very sorry to hear that, Jim.

What to say in a situation like this? Well, you know me, so you'll already know what I'm thinking, which is more than mere words could ever convey, but let me at least say that you, Cassie and her loved ones are in my prayers.

G-d just loved her too much.

dragonfly jenny

My condolences as well, Jim.

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