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August 23, 2004



Kerry's seemingly lack of culpability smacks of the Mafia Don that simply shrugs his shoulders and says, " I dint kill no one."

That's a great piece, Jim, and the audio is awesome to listen to!


Of course, the mainsteam media is focusing on the apology and neglecting to mention that Dole told Kerry off about using attack groups.

Guy S.

Always thought Dole was a class act. This just backs it up. And the Hannity audio (I heard it on the show itself) rocks!


The way that Ferretface keeps crying "make them stop being mean to me" instead of dealing with it made me wonder what he'd do if he became president.

Looks mightily like he'd have a permenant place in front of the World Court begging "make them stop being mean to me".

And he has already picked out his lawyer for the job.

Steve Teeter

The thing that political insiders said about Bob Dole forever was that, behind closed doors, he had a sharp tongue, a wicked sense of humor, and could be truly funny while skewering his targets. He was in magnificent form in this interview.

It's a pity that when people like that run for president, they always seem to buy into their advisors' inevitable advice that they've got to tone that down, don't make jokes, don't be witty, be solemn, be presidential. Who knows, if Dole had let a little more of his real personality out in '94, things might have been a wee bit different.

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