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August 13, 2004



Damn Skippy he will be! Rey USN(Ret)


How many remember this....arriving at basic training in your "rainbow" clothes (civvies, all those different COLORS, argh)...and hearing this:

"Rainbows, rainbows, walking by...
All those colors hurt my eye...
Rainbows, rainbows, walking past...
D.I.'s gonna dog your ass...

Sound off!"

Guy S.

ahhh the joy of standing at parade rest, attention, parade rest, attention, and so on...in front of the chow hall at 0:dark thirty in the morning. You will know it is morning for two reasons. 1: Your DI told you so! (that is the one that counts!) 2: You *may* have been allowed to sleep for an unknown amount of time just before arriving (via marching of course) at said chow hall.

God speed and best of luck to you Dave.....Now sound off like you've gotta pair!!.

Raging Dave

Jim... thanks for your kind words. And we WILL be meeting up for drinks and cigars while I'm down there!

However, since I'm prior service, I don't have to go to Basic Training again. I'm rather lucky, all I have to do is retrain into my new MOS. Heh. One shark attack is quite enough for my lifetime.

Now I just have to get back into shape. Running.... ugh.

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