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August 06, 2004


Sgt. Mom

This doesn't surprise me in the least: I spent most of 1975 and 1976 working with a group of Vietnamese refugees, getting them settled, employed and adjusted. They were fine people, good people, who didn't deserve to be chased out of their homes and their country. Knowing what Kerry did to slime his fellow veterans, and then to render South Vietnam politically untouchable... how the Democratic party could even imagine he is electable is beyond me.

Blog Reader #237


Well, some Vietnamese like Senator Kerry...


Post 1975 or so, I grew up around the children of a number of Vietnamese refugee families. Ran around with them, went to school with them, had dinner with their folks when we were hanging out at their houses [and vice versa when they hung out at mine], later went to college with other ones... this doesn't surprise me a bit.

In the Little Saigon areas of Oak Cliff, Democrats, Liberals, and Leftists were almost universally hated by the Vietnamese I knew. They blamed the 60's and 70's era liberals and anti-war activists not just for their forced relocations, but for the deaths of families they had to leave behind. *shrug* Probably one of the reasons I always felt comfortable around them: they're like cherokee in one respect - they hate long, hard, and deep.

I wonder how large a voting demographic that is, Jim?

If it's large, and they turn out in numbers to vote this fall... that could be a rude shock for the Kerry campaign.


I love you.

Thanks so much for helping out the Vietnamese in a time of need. I'm thankful for people such as yourself - my own family wouldn't have made it this far in America without the support of Americans like you.



Not a Viet, but do blame the anti-war crowd and John Kerry for the fall of Viet Nam, unchecked atrocities by the Khmer Rouge, the degradation of Laos, and the fall of Burma to a Communist military dictatorship. Thailand was spared, only because of American in country presence. Didn't escape unscathed though, the place was racked by Communist insurgents for years to follow, up until the late '80s early '90s. The insurgents now shift their strategy, now mainly active in the south, they aligned themselves with the disenfranchised muslim southerners, and looking to plunge the region back into Hell. The anti-war punks, including that smug self-aggrandizing Kerry, had a big role in keeping the region unstable. Forgive the punk? I don't think so. The dead in Cambodia's "Killing Fields", those who "disappeared" while being interred in the reeduating camps in Laos, Viet Nam, and the multitudes who died under ALL the Communist regimes in the region ain't gonna let me view him in ANY positive light any time soon. BTW, Michael Moore is either massively naieve, stupid, or a true traitor, not just to America, but to humanity. There's a film out there being produced called "Remembering Saddam", by people interviewing those who were tortured by this piece of human garbage. This should be a counterpoint to Moore's piece of trash, like to see how many theatres would carry it though.

Icepick, (sorry if the post got off topic, just a tad angry today)


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