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August 05, 2004



BWAAAAAHAHAHA! They "boiled over?" Like a potful of crabs when you forgot to turn down the propane in time. A great big KUUUUUUSH puts the fire out, and you have to relight it.

The use of lawyers by the DNC so early in the game will put the nation on the lookout, will put the SCOTUS on the lookout, and may defuse the ultimate dirty trick the DNC was going to pull, that of suing to stop the election in swing states simultaneously.

Like Kerry, the DNC appears to have suffered a self-inflicted wound.

Say goodnight, Senator, but skip the prayers. It's too late for that. Start writing your concession speech. Oh, Wait: you're going to emulate Gore with the lawyers, so I guess you'll emulate him by refusing to concede after GWB buries your sorry ass in a landslide 3 months from now.



My bad, didn't finish Mr. Kerry off.

By the way, Senator Cochon (yes, that's French for pig), you forgot that lawyers don't scare GWB. Remember, he rather enjoyed having the SCOTUS declare him the winner last time, so I expect he'll be alright with that again.

Since no transition team will be required, GWB will have plenty of time for HIS (our) lawyers to kick your sorry butts all the way to the SCOTUS.

Guy S.

I don't know...talking with the better half...and she may be right...this lawyer thing including what they are trying to do to stations running the Swiftboat ad...is going to backfire big time. I am really beginning to believe Bush might just have a landslide. But that still means we need to get the largest conservative turn out ever at the polls. Let the dems have no doubt there day of socialism is past.

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