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August 13, 2004


Denita TwoDragons


I am so jealous.



Joel (No Pundit Intended)


I was supposed to travel up to Show Low (yes, that's the real name of the town) and do some recon for my antelope hunt. Weather got too bad. I thought about going to the range and launching some .308, but weather was too bad for that too.

Let it be known that I leave your blog tonight feeling like I got chewed up and swallowed by a wolf, and then pooped over a cliff into a cactus.

I hope YOU had fun. I will officially be living vicariously through you from here on out.

WL out

bill flash

im doing a project i was wodering is thare a way to see if somoke had a bad effect on water or a good effect on water and what is it plz it wold hellp me and my buddy alot. thx


help bill flash please

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