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September 02, 2004


Guy S.

Very well said my friend. And if you could stomach the Kerry speach...now *THERE* was a train wreck! If Bush hangs tough for the next few weeks before the debates.....he just has to get Kerry to spool up and it is all over. Unless, Kerry explodes first.

Enjoy the rich flaver of your sipping stock and exotic leaf.


Yes, we know him all too well. *shudders* Thank God it seems people are finally noticing Kerry is who he is.


Vote, vote, vote in November!! No time to coast, no time to think it is all wrapped up. Just as GWB has to hang tough, so too the rest of us!

Wonderful piece of writing Jim. Thank you.

A Recovering Liberal

My finger rarely touches the TV's "on" button, but I cannot wait for the debates.

BTW, still waitin' to hear which cookies to bake fer yer pa...


Write him off, George, he's a loser.

Hope JoKe has been keepig informed on the abuse and murder of the women and children in Russia. These murdering bastards are who he would engage in a more "sensitive" war.

Leave us alone John, before you and your kind get us all killed.

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