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September 29, 2004


A Recovering Liberal

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Isn't it sad that mortuary workers can never get the makeup just right?


Heh...Mary Kay did the best she could with what she was given! In Hollywood, I believe this is called the "Kieffer" look?
Check the casket before it's put in the ground.....it could be an attempt to get away from Teresa!


Holy cow, its the world's biggest Oompa-loompa!


BTW, are we to assume by his coloring that Kerry is a UT fan?


I think he is still lying about the botox treatments. Apperntly he is striving to be a Clintonian Democrat. He claims that he got his orange tan playing touch football in mass, but the students there claim he showed up there with the orange tan.

doc Russia

An obvious attempt to mask dependant lividity.

Gene Pool

After seeing the "Great Pumpkin"; I am now more that ever a true believer in cremation. Those undertakers can never get it right.


No, Valerie, it would mean that he is another misguided Oregon State fan.

Go Ducks!


You're here! Missed ya honey. (...was on the verge of going through a hundred emails so I could find your number. : D)


Hmm, no Riverdog, its UT.

Because Kerry's front view resembles the rear-view of Bevo, the Longhorn mascot of the University of Texas. Both produce bull shit.


Hahaha.....Good one, Valerie!


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