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September 05, 2004


Guy S.

I agree (gee what a surprise *grin*). We have tried over the past 20 some odd years to effect a change by appealing to the international court of nations (the UN) as well as dealing with terrorism as if these were Chicago street gangs. 9-11 brought that fiction (hopefully) to an end. Any folks who happen to read Jims post and this comment would be well advised to read the Koran....and the real history of Islamic expansion. Ask any knowledgeable Indian Hindu about the Islamic *Religon of Peace*. It is as you say....though there would be some who coat the lies with honey....they are after all still lies.


Not always by the sword. For the past several years they've been hanging out in prisons and evangelizing there.


As I understand it we have all been had by the PR machine (again). Islam is not the "religion of peace" it translates more accurately as the "religion of submission".


I believe quite a few Spaniards would term the Crusades a defensive action to drive out the Moors. Ditto Greece and the Balkans.

Greg Botello


Have you seen a “beheading” video? There are a few to choose from on the internet. There’s one were a very long sword is used to chop off the head of a man tied to chair. It’s not like the movies the head does not come off cleanly. No, the head is struck six or seven times before the spine is severed. His murders say that he was CIA. What about the truck driver who’s head was cut off and held before the camera by the terrorist leader Al Zarqawi. I write this while confirmation is awaited on the murder of two Italian women (aid workers). Where they raped before or after they were beheaded.

Al Zarqawi released a statement that called beheadings the “orders of their lord” That the killing of criminal infidels is by God’s hand.

How does one go about cutting the head off of another human being? What drugs are they taking, that allows them to cut someone else’s head off. The scary thing is what if they are not on drugs. What if only rage and hatred drives them?

Al Zarqawi’s story is not a grand, noble, nor epic – His wife and unborn child were not killed by an Israeli bombing raid and now he must have his revenge. Nor, were his mother and father killed while his childhood home burned to the ground. Al Zarqawi is just a petty criminal from Jordan (7 years in prison). He’s a serial killer with an excuse to spill the blood of others, not only Americans, but Iraqis, Egyptians, Christians and Muslims. If there is bloo

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