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April 26, 2005



Steyr, hmmm. Odd bird, eh?

Tell ya what: if you dig up a companion piece, say a Steyr AUG and throw it in the deal, I'll buy you a brand new laptop or maybe two.

However, I am looking for a smaller 9mm for das frau, or maybe a 5-shot revolver. She has teeny-tiny hands, can't even hold one of my SP-101's.

I'm thinking Star PD, or maybe a Detonics nine...

A Recovering Liberal

Good thing I didn't buy it on Friday ;) Again, a pleasure, Jim!


Rivrdog... get your hands on one at a local gunstore....it's got a very small grip diameter. And an easy trigger to boot.

But don't chase down the AUG. It looks super-cool, but the balance and ergonomics are poor, indeed.

And A.R.L? I can always ship to your local FFL. *grin*

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Bloody Hell...

If I was in the US instead of France, I could set you up quite well.

I'm currently using my older Windows XP laptop as a music server in my apartment in France.

The shipping and customs fees wouldn't make a trade worth it, and the gun would have to go in storage somewhere.


Good luck in finding a laptop. If you get cash, I can help you find a good laptop relatively cheap. I have a talent for that...

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