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June 14, 2005



Glad to see you posting again, and writing extremely well, expressing what so many of us believe!


Hit the nail on the head with the Ginsburg part.


Magnificent! Worth sitting at the monitor past the 10 minutes of pain I alloted myself today.

It is indeed too late. There would have to be a
person of huge conservative charisma rise up to lead the downtrodden masses out of this pile of rubble that is our current governance that makes it unlikely to happen.

It will probably have to be a Second American Revolution, and while it may not occur in my lifetime, I can, at least, use my life experience to help prepare those who will have to fight that war.


Outstanding, Jim!

Keep up the good work


Guy S

Welcome back Jim! If it takes this long for the well of your passions to full up enough in order to produce something of this magnitude, then take all the time between posts you need!!

Riverdog, I don't know when (or sadly even "if" the "Second Revolution" will happen. If I were a betting man, I would say 5-10years tops, or not at all. Or at least not for many a generation to come.


Have you ever heard of John Titor? He claims such a civil war is coming and soon. He is supposed to be a time traveler from the future. I know pretty far-fetched but very interesting. Some of the posts he made in 1999, 2000 are very close to becoming true in the scientific circles. And yes, the right side wins.


Chuck, the "right" side will win, all you have to do is look at who will be on the other side, and you figure that the kill ratio should be at least 100:1.

That all depends on the military sitting out the street action, though. If the full capability of the Army were brought to bear, the best that could be achieved would be a stalemate.

Raging Dave

Yes, but don't forget that the vast majority of the military is conservative. Not only would they have a hard time firing on most Americans, but they would be tied into knots if they were forced to fire on Americans who wanted to actually follow the constitution for a change. I don't see the military as much of a playmaker in a Second Civil War.


duh, this post makes no sense.

Guy S

And my sad little excuse for a human....that is why you are part of the problem and not the solution. Go read your history...from the source..."The Federal Papers", "The Constitution", "The Declaration of Independence", any of the writing's of Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Paine, Addams. (Including the wonderful exchanges between him and his wife...it will clue you in as to how the folks back home felt about the battle for Independence.) Once you can grasp what these great men, the founders of the country, achieved, in building a nation which allows flotsam such as yourself to live in ignorant bliss, then perhaps you can come and sit at the adult table and try to hold an adult conversation. Otherwise go back to your coloring books and crayons, and leave adult matters to those better able to grasp same.

Jon. Imperial Hunter

Jokestir, you are an idiot afflicted with reading comprehension. And those are your good points.

Great post Jim. May it happen while I can still see to shoot. The human race generally needs a good genetic purge every so often and if it can be combined with a re-establishment of the finest document for self governance ever written, so much the better.

Best Regards,



"We did it once. If necessary, we can do it again."

That's the central point which the unconstitutionally-inclined in and around government ought to bear in mind.

Not only does the military trend conservative, but they've all taken an oath/affirmation to defind the constitution and owe no personal loyalty to any particular officeholder--not even the Black [-robed bench] Riders.


I'd sign my name to that declaration.


After Raich and Kelo, there's no plain-language understanding remaining for our country's Constitution.

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