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June 05, 2005



Right fukin on Jimbo......I'll get all my buttwipes from you and SK from now on! rofl


I'd bet that would fly off the shelves. I'd also bet the howling would be epic as well. Which, in my mind, is a very good thing.


If a Koran is defiled by the mere touch of an infidel, are Border's and Bookstop required to hire true-believers to stock their shelves?

What about public libraries?

What about the reference library at Newsweek?


Interesting concept!!

Guy S.

"Roll me another one....just like the other one..."

I like it! But when we use same, should we be pointing to Mecca? If so, which end should point there? And would we be required to wipe at least 5 times a day?

Just wanting to observe the proprieties *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*


I ferget....left hand or right hand?


Eat a big plate of Mexican food first. You may need BOTH HANDS after that. But that ain't necessarily bad--- you use up the pages of the Koran faster that way.

Jim, if you start selling that toilet paper, I want a CASE!!!

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