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July 02, 2005



Those are some damn fine knives...I have bought several over the years for my hubby!! Glad that you, too, had a great experience with them!


That sort of customer support sounds like Dillon Precision.

I was a bonehead, and broke a part on my 1050 reloader. I called up and tried to order a new one; they refused my money, and sent the part.

A week later, I was the same bonehead and broke the SAME PART.

Another free replacement.


About 6 years ago I bought a Gerber - a folder between 5 and 6 inches closed - for a friend in Zimbabwe who had a Gerber years before that he had treasured but lost. He had somehow gotten a Gerber catalog sheet and showed me the knife he wanted. He worked on a gold mine and worked it hard and was so pleased when I gave it to him that I couldn't bear to let him pay for it. On a subsequent trip he told me with some embarrassment that it had broken. It wasn't the blade but the spring mechanism that holds it closed and locks it open. It had simply broken. You could see what looked like a fault in the broken metal. I brought it back to the cutlery store in Australia where I had bought it and had paid around A$200 for it expecting problems, but I had a new knife no questions asked in weeks. My friend is Zimbabwe was over the moon when I brought it to him. I too was impressed with Gerber;s fast and efficient and CHEERFUL service.


I had an LST years ago, and my girlfriend of the time appropriated it from me. When I ordered the replacement, I mistakenly ordered the Microlight LST. It's been on my keychain ever since.

Da Goddess

The only thing (other than debt) that my former boyfriend left me when he moved out was a beautiful Gerber, perfect for everyday use. Gotta love chickenhearted men who have relatives working at Gerber!


Freddyboomboom, meet Da Goddess... Da Goddess, meet Freddyboomboom!


Only one of the many fine services I offer. *grin*

[/snark, off]

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Pimp me, dude!


My father gave me a Gerber Magnum Hunter about 30 years ago. I was heartbroken when I lost it about 8 years later. About 2 years after that my father stripped the decking from his boat and found my Magnum Hunter in the bilge, the brass corroded so badly that it looked and felt like a moldy piece of bread, the walnut scales rotted off, the STAINLESS blade rusted and pitted.
I sent it back to Gerber on a teenage whim, just to see how they’d fly off the handle when I asked about their guarantee. I expected an indignant letter and a quote for several times the new purchase price of the knife, if anything at all. I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t hear back from them. Low and behold a box shows up in my mailbox about 3 months later. Not a new knife, no, but my original knife re-conditioned (still had a slight ding where I’d dropped it and deeply gouged the brass bolster). Inside was a note I’ll never forget:
Dear Pat:
Our knives are designed to last a lifetime, in air or under water.
Pete Gerber

I don’t buy any other brand.


Zippo and Cross pens will do the same. I have some Gerber's dating back 40 years, when all of them were made in Portland, Cat


I still have (and use) my old Gerber Parabellum, that I originally bought to use as a field knife when I was in the Army. It's in amazingly good shape, though the nylon sheath has seen better days. And somewhere, buried in a box in my attic, I still have a Gerber boot knife. Both are approaching 20 years old.

Excellent gear, never let me down. I'm glad to know their service & support is as good as their product, though I never expect to need to use it.


Sorry Jim, I'm married...

And sorry Da Goddess, I'm hapily married. :)

Back on topic the other two knives I constantly carry are a Gerber Magnum LST and a Kershaw Ken Onion Chive. The Gerbers have been in my pockets for years, but the Kershaw is a recent addition. It's a pretty nice addition, too...

Isn't it interesting that Gerber and Kershaw's offices are less than 4 miles apart, according to Mapquest? I could go to both of them this afternoon... :)




I carried a Gerber the entire time I was in Iraq. Concur with most all reliability statements. About a month ago I bought a yard tool set. It included a fold out saw and a pruner all packed into a nice little pouch. The pruner handle did not last 10 minutes, hand saw is outstanding. And NO, th pruner was NOT abused. It broke on a 1/4 inch live pear branch. I looked at the broken tool in amazement. First tought. Don't worry, it's covered. No "customer service center" seems to be available, at
least that I can find. Thoughts?

Semper Fi,

stuart upchurch

Can someone find me a new Gerber 5302 clip lock rivermaster? Sure would appreciate it. Stuart

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