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August 27, 2005


A Recovering Liberal

"Time for me to write again, devils be dammed and to hell with the consequences."

Pleased to see this (c:

Bob Baird

It's good to hear your voice. Hope your boat is safely moored.



My God! No mortal could have written a more moving eulogy.

I can feel the depths of your friendship through your words, sir.

My you remain safe as Katrina the witch destroys most everything to the east of you.


Thanks Jim, Steve has had the same affect on me, emotionally/personally/philosophically. I miss him immensely but not one iota compared to the brave Elaine. I still hear his laugh, can see him talking of his latest acquisition as he fondles it before walking out to the range to again show his prowness with his second love (behind the "Bear" ......Elaine).

Thanks for a wonderful reminder of a man bigger than life itself, who I was proud to know.



Aw, damn.

I miss Steve.

Thanks for writing the eulogy I could never bring myself to write.

He sure had a way about him didn't he?

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