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September 09, 2005



Worth keeping both eyes peeled. I've often wondered what would happen the first time someone decided to do this.


Anytime a liberal asks what is wrong with registering guns, here is the example. The people who followed the fucking rules and registered their guns are now having them taken away. Meanwhile the bad guys still have guns. Only in a fucking liberal's mind.


Molon Labe! Molon Labe! MOLON LABE!

Who draws faster? You're gonna be dead before you even THINK of taking my gun. It's not up for debate. Laws do not apply to me if I am presented with THIS situation. I will answer to no other law but my own. I will shoot to kill before I am raped of my right to have a weapon, before I am raped of my right to protect myself. I am sure that my forefathers would feel the same way...

Our "govern"ment enrages me. I feel adrenaline rushing through my body...I am prepared.

Locked and loaded.

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