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September 23, 2005



WOW, Sorry to here you went through hell and back on your journey to saftey Jim , Glad now that you and the cats are now safe and out of harms way , My thoughts and Prayers are with you.


that was a hell of a trip!! Glad that you and cats made it alright.
It was very nice and faith-in-humanity- affirming to hear that people were helping each other during hard times...
Prayers for you and all people in the Rita's path...


Thanks for posting this, Jim. Too many of us have been worrying about (metaphor=on) how many rolls of duct tape (metaphor=off) to put in the car and not thinking about other aspects of bugout travel.


(You said it, Tammy!)

God bless that Sergeant. Who says there aren't angels among us?

Be well, Jim. And thank you for the update. (Not an easy task when you're still "regrouping" yourself.)



I'm glad you made it to safety. There was more than a few of us worried about you. Since the storm looks like it's heading east of Galveston, perhaps New Dawn won't get much damage after all (hopefully). Please post pictures of your return home. Those of us wishing you well from afar can only see what happened through your sharing of the experience.

Take care sir!



Jim, PLEASE take care of yourself. As usual worrying about others (read Cats and Boats and Friends) and warning us to stock up, you forget yourself. I am glad you are safe and the cats are good and out of the path. Prayers of thanks for the Sargeant that was watching out for you. Get rest.


Did you get the Sergeant's name? If my Retired Major's commission and etc still carries any weight, I might at least be able to get him a commendation from his CO which will look good to his next promotion board.

And this is a huge lesson i body dynamics and the effects of stresses. I will link to it in a Paratus post immediately.


Jim -

SO thankful that you (and the cats) made it safely to refuge. How wonderful to see that people are still willing to help others in need - it just confirms what is so great about this country! Will continue to pray for you, and the New Dawn, throughout this ordeal.


Jim: Glad to hear you made it as far as you did - sounds like it was a mess. Those of us on the west coast are crossing our fingers for you - which sadly is about all we can do at the moment. Those are lucky cats! If reincarnation is real, I'm coming back as one of your boatcats! LOL! :-) I do hope you caught the Sgt's name. Take care of yourself! ~PJ~

Val Prieto

Glad you made it safe and sound, Jim, and I hope that Rita doesnt mess with the New dawn too much.

As always, if there's anything i can do from here, just give me a ring.


I'll be blog-posting from Alvin and my "Command Post Bunker" in the closet under my stairs as long as power/batteries/net service survives. It's not G-town but maybe it will give you some idea of whats happening here 35 miles away.

BTW: Good to see a blogger close by. I come to Galveston to surf regularly. Maybe we can meet for a meal/coffee some time.


well I did it , Started a Blog, Hope I can figure this out .

Jim Take Care of yourself and (Cats) and get plenty of Rest


Tammy, give us your blog URL


Did I do it right Riverdog ?


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