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September 13, 2005



Nice work
quoted and linked
thank you


Ditto, Gramps.

And the Rivrdog notes that the GOA was all over this from the start, while the NRA huffed and puffed (their peters, most likely).


Badges hell. I want hides.

Curtis Stone

I wrote a pretty indignant letter to the NRA about this very subject yesterday. Today they finally released a statement condemning the confiscations. I guess my opinion carries a lot of weight.

Just kidding. They've pretty well pissed off this life member with their dragging of feet. I'm proud to say that I'm also a member of the GOA who was immediately on top of this situation.

As far as badges (or hides) on the wall. Don't hold your breath. Big Daddy Gubbmint is pretty good at covering the a$$es of it's own. Besides, the Governor of LA and the Mayor of NO are about to come into some serious money with which to buy forgiveness and future votes.

Gerry N.

If we can't have some big fish on a legal platter right away let's have an appetizer.

I want the brownshirt asshole who bodyslammed the granny lady, stole her gun then hauled her out of her own home charged. It's really too bad we can't have him publicly flayed alive, but.....oh well.

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