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October 04, 2005



That praise is so effusive that it even made this old salt blush.

No one's thanked me like that since the last time I pulled a drowning fisherman out of the river...

It goes without saying that I am also in debt to you, sir, for entrusting me with your cherished blog whilst you were too busy to attend to it's details. I am honored that you gave me that opportunity.


Jim, it's great to have you back at the helm. Rivrdog did a WONDERFUL job of keeping the ship afloat and on course while you were gone. Now maybe things will get back to normal around here.

Congrats on the new job ... MG


Jim , GoodLuck on your new Job and everything else , Riverdog did a wonderful Job on keeping all updated !!



Jim... I'm a new reader and you're a new addition to my own blogroll... I've appreciated the New Dawn posts and look forward to reading more of what you have to say...

Congrats on the New Dawn's survival and your new job...

As an aside, I came this way via Baldilocks...

Jay G


First off, congrats on the new job.

Secondly, I'll echo MorningGlory's comments re: Rivrdog. He earned a spot on my blogroll because of his tireless devotion to his (and my) friend in need.


I wish you success and prosperity with your new job. As for George, I did give him my thanks...he is certainly deserving of it.


Oh Great the news just named a new tropical storm brewing.guess the name ......" Tammy"



Poor Tammy, I hope her name doesn't get trashed like Katrina. Ditto what Jay said, Rivrdog - good on ya'!



I'm one of those 'only come here once in awhile' lurkers, but I'm glad you and the New Dawn are safe and in tact.
Rivrdog did an excellent job keeping everyone informed, you are lucky to have such a true friend.

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