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April 21, 2006


mostly cajun

Lovely stuff, spam.

I dearly hope there's an excessively hot spot in hell for spammers...



Though I don't use one myself, I installed a captcha for a friend of a friend, and she's ecstatic about the results. If I ever get seriously inundated, I'll consider using one myself.

Lisa W.

I don't mind it for stuff like this but I drew the line with the shit on Yahoo Mail. I used it for years, then they brought in the CAPTCHA, which was fine BUT, if you couldn't see the letters/numbers well enough or you missed one you get this dang message that says "Character String Verification Failed" Your message was not sent and will not be saved. After typing several long messages and getting that message, I switched over to Gmail and sent Yahoo some nasty feedback.


CAPTCHA at yahoo is driving me crazy. Unless they find a less intrusive approach and address my complaints they will soon loose me as a paying customer.–Tom

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