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April 07, 2006



Excellent essay sir. You haven't lost a thing.

One small quibble: where you said, "Though this Second Civil War has not erupted in fire and flames...", I would have put in a "yet" between "not" and "erupted".

It's coming, the fire and flames, because there can't be enough of the gentle suasion you recommend to make a difference.

Chris Byrne

Glad to see you back Jim, things were gettin a bit lonely out here without ya.

Lesse, Kim is back to his old prolific self, even if he hasnt written anything mroe than page length in a while, Guy is back up and running, now you show back up..

Hell the only thing I'd need for near perfection would be to get Den Beste back again.

Anyway, drop me a line of you want to catch up.

Fair winds and following seas friend.

Cart Williams

Great rebirth Jim. I can only hope you will continue to spread some sanity on this deeply troubled land.

the friendly grizzly

GREAT to see you back. Small tiny little request? Any chance you can either use a darker gray, or go right to black typescript? That gray on white is hard on poor ol' colorblind grizzlies like me.


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