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June 27, 2006


Lisa W.

"We should all wish to leave such a mark on this world."

Well said.


Thank you for including my humble eulogy, Cap'n.

The others were beautiful, and many more moving than mine.

I never had the pleasure of shaking my Blog-Granpa's hand, or hearing a note of his guitar music, but, somehow, I feel I've known him all my life.

I wish I could have been there during some of his many hard times, to take some of those blows he took by himself, blows which shortened his life by years.

I wasn't, and I have to face that.

What I can do is vow to carry on his fight.

For Rob's tormentors, I can only say:

"Bugler, sound the Deguello."

Rest in Peace, my friend. You've earned your rest. Your fight is ours to win now.

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