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August 04, 2006



Thank you for posting this.
There was a lot of information on this post.
Good links too!
Have a wonderful day!
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Dude, everything they do - the Leftzbollahdhists, or whatever you call them - is *so* wrong, and I'm at the point where I think America has to dive back into her Constitutional waters and re-amend a few of the inalienable rights our forefathers granted, which allow Moonbats From Hell - who ally themsleves with enemies of America - to freely advertise terror and evil and all sorta other criminal bullshite.

Can't we just shoot them to the moon or something? I do, so much, despise sharing oxygen with them.


"Until, that is, such time that they decide to act on their rhetoric. Then all bets are off. But that's another discussion."

I'm having that discussion sir. At my Paratus blog.

BTW, even as I read Coughlin's book, "Shooter", I think that I will get more satisfaction from closer-in combat, so I'm practicing with carbines that are best used at, say, 50 meters, where one can still see the surprise on the face of the enemy as he goes down....


Fuck, Rivrdog! You've got a great imagination. Oh, and I found the Paratus blog; good stuff! I'll read (and link) it. I hadn't previously known of it.

Jim - Good essay. I'll plug this one... it's a good synopsis of the issue, really. It's war of the worlds.

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