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February 22, 2007



Well done.
Very good post.
Thank you.
It is great to see a post from you.
Your were missed.
Have a fantastic day!


Bra-VO! Well said--Thank you.

Mrs. du Toit

You (and perhaps many others) keep holding on to the hope that he has misstated his position, or can come into the fold to understand that the contributions he's been sending to the NRA all these years, had nothing to do with protecting his hunting sport.

I do not believe he has been tripped up by words. I truly believe, HE BELIEVES, that there is no right to bear arms that have no hunting purpose. He believes in banning guns, limiting the franchise, and will vote for (and support) any politician who would vote to limit our rights.

How does that make him different from Diane Feinstein who HAS a concealed license to carry a gun but denies, through law, the ability of others in her state to easily obtain one? Diane Feinstein also has no issue with hunting, having bought her son a hunting rifle, using the Evil Loophole to do so. John Kerry supports hunting, but not the Second. There are thousands and thousands of people who want to be able to hunt who would carelessly and intentionally infringe on the rights of gun owners for not hunting purposes.

Just because someone hunts, however gloriously it might be portrayed, do not be fooled into thinking they support the Second Amendment or its intent, or would not happily confiscate YOUR weapons, while they maintain their own.

Zumbo says supports soldiers (good) but does not recognize the militia, that informal one, that one we all are part of, that we have to right to assemble, equip, and train with, and are compelled by U.S. Code to be part of. He has chosen his words CAREFULLY. Hillary Clinton has pictures of herself standing besides soldiers, too, with plenty of U.S. Flags in the background.

That's not 10% support, despite the romantic feelings you have about his writing history.

That's 100% against the fundamental right to bear arms.

Benedict Arnold was a hero among men... until we discovered he was a traitor.


Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have been trying to get this same message through to the folks over at du Toit's place, and been ignored or shouted down. If two people think alike, it lessens the odds that both of them are crazy. It seems to me that we have here an opportunity to demonstrate to the the hunters, target shooters, etc. that we really are all in this fight together. Some of them will get it - will see the light, the logic and reason of our arguments, and join us in fighting the good fight. Others won't, and from them we will simply, sadly, have to part company. Zumbo, I strongly suspect, is one of the latter and beyond redemption, though we should perhaps make the attempt anyway.

What I know for sure is that if we, gun owners, turn on each other, we will only widen the rifts between us, and we'll be doing the gun-grabbers work for them.


If the man is able to see the error of his ways, and willing to make it right, then I see no reason why he couldn't be redeemed.


Connie, you're exactly right, Mr. Zumbo has been, and remains to this day, everything you've so adroitly described.

And he's had his ass kicked accordingly.

Now then, it's up to him to see the light, even if we've had to pound it up his ass with a sledgehammer, so that his rectally impacted cranium might see the glimmer from the depths of his self-imposed darkness.

Mr. Zumbo has lived a comparatively pampered, spoiled, priviledged and fawned-upon existence as a result of his professional successes.

All of which have now been rightly stripped from him.

As I see it, the man is at least straining to find the right path, even though he yet remains clueless as the True North of the 2nd Amendment.

The point of my essay is this, and here's where I think you've missed it.

If Mr. Zumbo truly breaks through his mental barriers and comes to understand and embrace the full scope of RTKBA issues, then I for one stand for giving him the chance to do so. In this, I would expect and demand that he follow through on such a change of mind and heart, with all the dilligence and passion of the true convert.

No equivication, no weasel words, no "almost good enough". He has to do it right, or be rightly dismissed, once and for all.

And I don't base this on some romanticized appreciation of his former works; I've not subscribed to magazines which carry him for years, and I don't get cable, so that's a nix, too.

Point is, I'll welcome any Fuddite to the RTKBA fold, just as long as they're not once again dragging their old prejudices along with 'em.

Connie, Kim's Forum is rife with members who were to one degree or another, self confessed Fuddites, or otherwise lazy-minded citizens on the topic of of the RTKBA. Kim's works have awakened many a sleeping patriot....maybe if Zumbo would read a few key essays, he can awaken, too?

We need every convert we can get. And, I think we owe it to ourselves to give those such as Zumbo the chance to change.

And if they still don't come around? If Zumbo still fails to grasp the full scope of the Second Amendment?

Hell, I'll be right there next to you, shoveling spadefulls of dirt (metaphorically) on his professional grave.

Him, and every one of his kind.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Denny Hansen of SWAT magazine and thefiringline.com has issued an invitation to Mr. Zumbo to attend a self-defense course using the AR15 platform.

Denny has offered to supply a loaner AR if Mr. Zumbo hasn't acquired one by the start of class.

Mr. Zumbo has accepted, and Denny will be writing an article over Mr. Zumbo's class for a future issue of SWAT.

I notice in passing that Mr. Zumbo has accepted a similar offer from another trainer over at Ted Nugents forum, but has stated he will not accept any more offers due to his full schedule of hunting.

Seems to me like he hasn't quite learned all the lesson you were hoping.

We'll see.


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