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March 19, 2007



Here is the latest:
My husband is still in jail (thank God). His hearing should be set for sometime in April, but I have the restraining order hearing (to make it permanent) next Friday. I'm really nervous to go to that hearing and have to see that man face-to-face.

A woman's shelter here is providing me with counseling, free of charge. I begin next Thursday. Hopefully, that will help with the nightmares.

I was supposed to be moving to a VERY low rent place, but plans with that seem to be falling through. I cannot stay in this house for two reasons. One...I keep having flashbacks to that night, reliving the fear over and over again. Two...I cannot afford to stay here. At this point, I fear I may be homeless.

I start a new job on May 9. Until then, with school and dealing with the emotional turmoil, I cannot bring myself to work. I just don't have it in me. Either I choose nursing school or survival. Of course, survival is key, so I may have to drop out of the program. I've worked so very hard to get where I am. To think that some act of evil could remove me from my efforts simply tears at my heart like talons.

I'm hanging in there. Having trouble eating and sleeping. Having trouble focusing. I increased my anti-anxiety medication, but in situations such as this, I need healing of the spirit and heart...both of which are very resilient, but also very tender at the moment. I know I can get through this, I just don't know HOW to at this point.

Just an update. I will keep you posted.


My thoughts and prayers are with Dana.
Take care,


My thoughts and prayers are with you Dana. It may be necessary to look into public assistance temporarily as well. Good luck.


I am sorry, but does she not always need money? Its been a constant theme with her since she began blogging.

At some point it starts to look like a scam.


Yes, Andre...you are right. It has been a constant theme given that I am a full time student and WAS married to a bipolar individual who was not being treated. That said, I have never ASKED for money until now. I have bitched and complained about it because as a student, it's a constant theme...which many of my readers could relate to.

There isn't a scam here. Never was, never will be. So, if it feels like a scam, simply say a prayer for me to have the strength to get through this. Last I knew, prayers is a lot more powerful and more sustaining than money anyhow.

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